Hello currently I’m on holidays and I want to show you what I got in my makeup back so let’s make a start that’s the Lumi cushion and it’s good for like couple hours when I’m gonna when you wanna touch it up this is new from Rimmel it’s really good you have to wipe down the brush but otherwise it.

Course and stays for a really long time chubby stick not from Clinique this one it’s from Neutrogena black eye pencil.

From esta from the same brand a little black primer so pretty much it’s a primer which you put before you mascara it holds the course color and also give them a little bit of tint and eyeshadow from our blush covergirl another item from Nora this is a brow pencil but I use it as a eye brightener in my waterline cap of the primer swings from Mac I have another one from benefit one more.

From benefit powder from Laura.

Shadow stick from Laura Mercier eye primer from Milani CC cream foundation just a really.

Nice eyes shadow from pixie it’s worth trying out that’s the powder from Laura I shadow from cargo the ring is especially if you travel because they have a nice mirror and.

You’re getting a few shadows so they’re in ultra but you can use them every day and mix-and-match what this all right pencil sharpener under a black blush stick lip balm from Laurel consider so sorry here we go brow tint it’s really nice had a small black brush and you can use it by itself or on top of something else another left of a primer brow eyeliner from.

Cargo another bump flow another bar from morale this is a sample from clinic it’s one of their.

Lip glosses it’s not bad I’m still trying out a Revlon consider.

Foundation from cargo this one is a little dark so I can please leave mix with the other one and a little bronzer from asta so yeah this is my travel makeup bag.

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