What are you doing? – What do you mean?I have to. – Stop! – (screams) ♪ (spooky intro) ♪ – (evil laugh) – Visage?- Visage? – This is very darkand it looks scary. – This is gonna be like–what’s the name of that game where you’re in the mansion?- Well it looks– yeah, PT?No, this looks almost.

Exactly like what that’s gonna be.

– (FBE) This is an early accessdownload for the upcoming video game Visage.

House that youmust escape while trying to figure out the tragic storybehind it.

– Scare– okay, scary games withlore behind them are the worst, because itreally starts to build a world in your head that reallykinda messes you up.

So, we’re gonna give youone life to see how far you get,but we will need to decide who will be in control.– I think it should be you, since you’re more afraid.

Itand I’m excited, but I don’t think I’mgonna do that well. – (gasps)What is that? A gun?- Are we in a hostage situation?-. – Already feeling some nopeat this point, which is not good.- Why do people pay to watch this? – Plot twist. – Oh, and the kids?No, that’s a lot.What was that? – I think he shot himself.- (squishing noises) – Ew, I don’t like that sound.

Looks like anisolation chamber. – Why are we limping? – Oh gosh.

Can’t go back in there,so I have to go down this way.- (phone rings) – Is the phone ringing?Do I.

Have to answer the phone? -.

(phone ringing)- Not the phone, not the phone. I haven’t seen you outof the house in about three weeks. Is everything all right?- She knows we’re a murderer. – (Rose) Could you call mejust to let me know. – You know the game means businesswhen.

It kills the children in the beginning.- Okay, I really hope this isn’t demons,’cause demons are my big thing.- You don’t [bleep] with demons? – No, I don’t dothe whole demon thing. – You might be engagingwith some demons today. – "Your character’s sanitywill affect your gameplay. Standing too long in the darkwill decrease your character’s sanity." – "The red cloud icon.

Appearswhen you are in a stressful situation,which decreases your character’s sanity."Okay, so don’t get stressed out. That looks like a stressfulsituation.- That’s not what the doctor ordered.- "Paranormal events occur randomly throughoutthe game.

To identify theseparanormal events, as they hinder your progressand decrease your sanity greatly." – So the less sanity you have,the more paranormal events.- That’s not good, ’cause they really— Shh. – (radio voice) In the greatcity of Riverdale.- Oh, wait, is the– – Maybe you can.- Oh, interact with– – Oh, you can grabthe light bulb.By examining the light bulb, we broke the light bulb.- Don’t examine your light bulbs, kids.

– So we can either gothrough.

This door or go through the upstairs dooror that door.(groaning) – You’re gonna probablybe okay. I mean, I don’t actually— I need the basement key. – So, where should I go? Downstairs?- Upstairs. I just see more lightand I’m trying to live.

– We’re trying to stay sane.- Oh no, it’s very dark up here.Someone has not been here in a minute. – "Pills act as an aidfor your character’s sanity. They are essentialto your survival. When your sanity isdangerously low, they are the only viableoption to recover your sanity.- Paranormal events are happening. – I don’t even know howto access– – Oh no.Is there a light switch on the wall?This is a light. – We’re just gonna go crazy,shall we? Whoa.

His bedroom? – Oh, we got this.What else is there? Oh, lighter. – "They will not preventstress buildup. Standing in the darkwith a lighter will decrease your character’s sanity. – You can interact— Oh, a candle. – You found a drawingof a panda. Try flipping it aroundall the way.- Ah, why is there– it’s Lucy’s chapter." – So we’re gonna find outabout Lucy? – Finally, a door that opens. – Okay, hopefully–oh, there’s a panda! – Hi, Lucy.

Is the light on?There it is, cool. – The closet is lit up by itself. Oh, there’s something on the wall. – No, no, no, no, no!No, no, no, no, no! – Try turning the— (knocking) – I’m hearing stuff.- I’m hearing some scary [bleep]. – I told you clocksfreak me out. – It was jammed beforeand now it’s open. – Try— Oh dude, what is this? Is this the basement key? – Key tagged "basement. – What’s on the TV?- Weird, they definitely seem– – Ah no, dude, no, no, no. – Let’s just get outof there, then. – Okay, where’s the basement?- Straight. Oh, is that a camera? – This is giving me PTSD.- Why would you do that to us? Oh, what?What? – Is that our house? Is that a person?- Ah! – I don’t. – Why is that damn radio back on? – Ah, open key inventory. – I can see your brainis starting to go insane a little bit.- I can see your brain is starting to go insanea little bit. Okay, what is that?- (radio static) – Shut up!I got two lighters and I’m not afraidto [bleep] use them.

– Is there someone on the couch?- What is that? – Something’s taking a picture. – Why is that light flickering?Do you– what’s that?What’s that in the hallway? What’s that in the hallway?- (gasps) – (screams)- That’s. – I don’t know howto get through that thing. – Oh, do you see his face?- Ah, oh.

Here, bitch!I don’t fear you! I don’t fear you!I have a camera.

And a candle and I’m not afraid to use it,bitch! Where’d you go? -.

Wanna–I don’t know if we should go there.Can we check our camera? Oh, I think we gottafollow the trail.

Up?- I think if we just go faster. – I hate the fact thatwe probably need to follow this stupid line here. – Try to look for moreof the drawings on the walls.- We’re just pushing it out of the way. – Yeah, let’s just run upstairs. – Just run, just run, just run.- (metal scraping) – What the heck is that noise?- Stop! Stop. – Did we dip out of there?- No, no, no, no.- Shall we? – Guilt?Are we gonna go over to Guilt? – And a treehousewhere the kids. – Pokemon?- Where the dad went to go get the kidsout of the treehouse. – Stuffed animals arewelcoming us. – I don’t know if they’rewelcoming us." – The monster came outof the TV, so then she ranto the treehouse. The monster consoled her,but got the bird. – There might be a keyaround here. – Something about the friendand the bird, but.

I really can’t understand what–Ooh, hey.- We were missing part of the story.

Eyes looked really, really big. – (distorted voice) Listen to me.

It’s gonna come upfrom the floor. – Oh, all the lightsare gone now. Which way was Lucy’s room?Where’s the stairs? – That way.- (gasping) – What the— Can you take a picture at all? Does it not work?All right, now try it. – It’s too dark and allthe light switches are pulled out. Yeah, my sanity’s decreasing fast. – Do you have to press it?Yeah, press E. Lot of bird cages, this family. – No, don’t go forward!What are you doing? – What do you mean?I have to.- If she catches me by the time I.

Push the door,I swear to God. – Turn around, turn around,turn around.- I feel like that brown drawer’s– – I’m stuck!No! – I liked it.I feel like it made you feel something.It just makes you feel something really intense. – I’m gonna make sureI turn on every single light I see on the way out of here.- What if we go home and our light bulbs burn out?- Stop! Don’t speak it into existence. – Thanks for watching usplay Visage on the React. – Thanks so much for watching,guys.Thanks for watching us play Visage.

See us play more games?Tomorrow, we’ll be streaming the Fallout: 76 betastarting at 3:30 PM Pacific plus our regular livestreamson Friday and Saturday also at 3 PM Pacific.Come hang out with us live both on Twitch.

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