Hi everybody my name is Sally and I help everyday people just like you with their movement mindset and health on today’s episode of Sally says I have dr. Bobby here today say hi doctor hello so tell us dr. Bobby what he actually do I’m a cosmetic and implant dentist based in Bondi Junction Sydney and I basically deal with.

A lot of people that I have missing teeth broken down teeth gum disease or people with the loose dentures that want replacements with implants I also deal with people that aren’t happy with their smile uh-huh awesome so as you can guess today’s topic of the day is oral health and doesn’t affect your overall health now it’s a.

Topic that not a lot of fitness professionals talk about but I thought it would be great session to talk about something like this because it’s in the back of our minds it’s all certainly in front of us when we look in the.

Mirror but you know today we want to touch on some top tips on how to improve your oral health and what happens if you just don’t take care of your teeth now I had a quick look look online and.

At the World Health Organization and they indicated that you know your oral health azar is a good.

Indication for general health what do you think of that about that doctor absolutely quite often as with people ophthalmologists also see a lot of diseases within the eyes before patients actually know that there happens so.

A lot of signs and symptoms present in the mouth before patients have you actually.

Even been diagnosed another reason to maintain regular checkups and cleans there is a direct link it’s been studied for a number of years and now there’s conclusive evidence that.

Gum disease especially oral health is directly related to heart disease particularly a general types of heart disease but also stroke and also.

Diabetes particularly tied to late onset diabetes if you have infection in your.

Mouth ultimately gum disease is infection or gums known as periodontitis very meaning around on Titus the tooth.

So it’s disease around the tooth it sort of eats away at the bone and it’s and it’s there so that’s sepsis along with things like let’s say a root canal treatment that hasn’t healed or a tooth with an abscess or decay in your teeth as well as.

Broken down teeth because quite often they have gum disease.

But bacterial load doesn’t stay just in your mouth that reaction with the bacteria with your gums is why you get inflammation and bleeding gums okay and then end up having bad breath.

But that bacterial load because your system travels into your bloodstream and through your system so it’s going.

Your liver your spleen your heart and your entire.

Makeup and therefore it’s extremely important for your general health so are you saying could it affect your immune system yes massively what your body usually happens is that it goes into overtime with the immunities that’s why.

I mentioned diabetes because people diabetes especially late onset diabetes or people there that are either beat or morbidly obese have the situation where that bacterial load is causing your body 9 is the diabetes meaning of a poorer circulation to your extremities to you but you’re you or healing is not as good with someone that does not have diabetes and that infection is therefore.

Your body’s concentrating on those areas and trying to cure the area where you continue producing more and more bacteria and more disease rather than concentrating on your body as a whole so let’s throw this in the mix you have an onset of.

Type 2 diabetes lifestyle disease you don’t exercise you smoke you’re really busy at work you’re very stressed is that like a really really strong combination for any other kind of like precursors for any kind of other diseases on top of that is that a formula for what’s that a bad formula basically for health it is and ease see that happening yes.

You do and unfortunately what happens is when people they’ve gone through fad diets or they go to trainers where they’re not really getting something that’s engineered towards them because people aren’t understanding their body type so they’re trying to do you know one size fits all type of theory with that type of thing and people get defeated overcome they just don’t feel like going back so.

They tend to go hand in hand so you know somebody’s they’re going right I’m starting this new lifestyle I’m going to eat well I’m going to go to gym and get healthier I’m going to stop smoking I’m not going to be so sedentary and when something fails.

For example they’re not getting what they want or seeing the results out of their training they tend to go back to smoking not going they’re sort of.

Okay I can’t be bothered because it doesn’t work and that combination creates basically a base for other diseases to come along the reason infectious diseases are what.

They tend to do bacteria opportunists so you have a number of bacteria inside your body.

That are you’re basically healthy bacteria might in controlled.

Amounts and there’s always some of the bad bacteria in there but they’re being kept in smaller numbers by the good bacteria so there’s a balance some stage your body wants to always maintain homeostasis exactly it does and that’s better if you’re exercising you’ll find all of that is better and eating right thing you know that usually goes.

Hand in hand if you have a good personal trainer now it what happens is that if you have an unhealthy system what tends to happen is that these bacteria that aren’t meant to be there in large numbers suddenly.

It as an opportunity to proliferate and multiply because their main purpose in life is to populate the area and that affects your whole.

System well that’s amazing so I guess like some tips in terms of exercise I mean like all these stuff seems really overwhelming to a lot of people especially if you smoke if you don’t don’t do any exercise you’ve got.

A little dental issues and I’ve seen a lot of people who don’t I’ll be honest doctor like people get scared of the dentist I get scared ever since I was little and we kind of push it.

Aside think I’ll be fine I’ll be fine how far along can you say I’ll be fine until something pops up this is mainly the problem that there’s signs and symptoms symptoms are what you feel you see in your body or you can feel signs.

I can see in there I’m trained professional can see and quite.

Often the signs may precede the symptoms so if you actually see a health professional or you see someone they can actually see that something is happening way before it’s manifested then.

You know that it’s actually going on and ignoring it is not the way forward the consequences of those are quite severe.

And what usually happens is that you then get into a situation where there’s a lot of work to do and that creates a panicking you get into this catch-22 situation and you can do a number of things to improve that.

Situation firstly first and foremost go and see a health professional and seek help yeah number one number one seek.

Help and as you said like it is it’s difficult and people this is when people come and see me they initially you have the main thing that they’re getting over is feeling embarrassed about it you know it’s a real personal thing and they I’m sort of in in in to.

Their personal space because after like that they’re in a.

Vulnerable position for me to have a look so what we try and do here I deal with a lot of very nervous patients and patients that are quite extreme cases that’s that’s not only what I deal with out you know a lot of that comes to me because I teach that subject I lecture in it but I also just another simple case but when.

Those people come to me or whether it’s a simple.

Case of complicates the first thing we do is just sit down and have a conversation and I listen because I have that I’ll get what their actual goal is what they’re feeling right now and here is the problem and.

How they feel and then it’s my job to basically find a number of options to solve that with different costs and different lengths so that they can actually manage that and that makes them feel like they have the resources and somebody on their side so start with the basics and bite-sized chunks just like how funny teeth by sized chunks yes some of the basics like.

If it’s really hard to exercise get out and walk yes increase your non-exercise activity thermogenesis just like doing daily activities.

Increase those steps as the basic things drink more water eat real food start cooking again you know see a dentist brush your teeth you know just do the basics doesn’t have to be super overwhelming just start with the base and you can always work on that it’s.

Always progressive okay it’s just a small building blocks and then you get to it and quite often people come in and they’re oh my god there’s so much to do my mouth is terribly everybody’s their worst critic and what we do is we usually make that plan into.

Smaller little manageable pieces so not only does that mean that’s manageable find that are manageable financially but it’s also manageable in terms of healing and what somebody can take who’s already coming in feeling that they’re quite scared of the whole procedures and everything else we’ll still get from A to B it just means that we’ll take smaller steps steps in between and it might take a bit longer but that doesn’t matter.

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