A wordpress blog step-by-step whether you’re a newbie at technology have those sorry exactly where you want or a pro this how to Saudi WordPress blog blog tutorial for beginners will be perfect for you the great thing about this tutorial is it is extremely easy to follow along with even if you have no experience in starting a wordpress blog.

By following this tutorial video you will have your WordPress blog set up in as little as 10 minutes at the end of this video.

You will have your WordPress blog successfully started I’m going to be.

Providing you with a bunch of helpful resources that will help you in your blogging journey towards the end of the video so stay tuned the first step I’m going to cover is how to choose and register your own domain name for free to have a wordpress blog you have to have a domain name step two I’ll be going over how to choose a hosting provider to have a blog you have to have hosting step three.

Is getting your WordPress blog set up if you don’t have time to start your blog right this second be sure to bookmark this video so you can come back to it later or in the description.

I provided a link where I’ll personally send you the video via email if you want to follow along on our blog I provided the link in the description as well that provides step-by-step instructions with screenshots provided step number one is registering a domain name for your blog if you aren’t sure what a domain name is it’s the name of your site ending in a dot-com dotnet org etc the.

Name of my blog for example is WP cupid blog.com i’ve been provided with an exclusive hosting discount along with a free domain name discount by the awesome folks over at Bluehost so you’ll be able to get a free domain name I provided the link in the description below so you can get this free domain name discount when you click the link you will be taken to this page the Bluehost home page where you can get your free domain name discount if you haven’t already go ahead and.

Click the link in the description and keep.

The link up as we will be used shortly next you want to get your blog online to get a blog up and running you need two things blog hosting and blogging software I will be.

Using the blogging software WordPress for this tutorial some cool things about WordPress is it’s the most popular blogging platform out there in Fortune 500 companies use it if you want.

Your blog to rank be seen and grow you definitely want WordPress it’s easy to build a.

Blog customize a blog and grow a blog the blog posts that I recommend is Bluehost they’ll be providing you with a free domain name as I mentioned earlier by the link I provided in the description some things to know about Bluehost is they.

Host over two million websites worldwide and over 850 thousand blogs around the world they.

Are also recommended by WordPress themselves since 2005 they instantly install WordPress for you which makes starting a blog and that much.

Easier they provide 24/7 support via chat email and phone and they have a 30-day money-back guarantee if for any reason you are unhappy you can cancel and get a refund no questions asked within the first thirty.

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