Ah stone and uh you know every little detail counts when you come down to school so Kurt said he thought this is your best game of the year how would you characterize performance oh I think some as well or as detailed and uh staying focused it’s definitely a big game was it like for a lot of different guys.

To get involved in my house al Cyrus and Steven had big games last week but just tonight.

Was more about you in detriments oh you know I think everybody plays a role what games you.

Know it’s not the found by Davis is definitely or by play roles so some people will be hard to tell the song not so I just think it was just you know my time to step up and take but there’s something different going on tonight it seemed like the receivers for fighting for extra yardage a little bit more than normal most definitely are given the opportunity to make plays and far as our group we’ve got a bunch of Fighters and we should.

Put the ball in my hands which I miss the most a lot of efforts nice person you in that first quarter you had a couple touches where turn a short game into a longer one this will never the boss in handcuffs case always an easy thing when.

You are that the kids so whenever you get it just make the most of how to seek out you ought to get yards after the catch is there.

Like a one-size-fits-all thing or does he worked with y’all individually on it mainly is how.

You put your game some guys aboard shifted others you know use their powers but uh I think he’s just coaches up in the best way turns out the kids and what decision-making practicing watches comes natural to you the games.

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