You hello and welcome to a brand new episode of black riding red all over I’m Victor Dandridge EC more and as you can see we are number one ended up today Wow like there was a lot of good stuff that came out yes it’s kind of funny that we just went like this number yeah set but then if.

Those out there they’re worried like yeah be samesies our honorable mentions are really wait totally the right way different so on our number one list from boom Studios we have the empty man great Colin bunny we’ve got Marvel.

Knights number one the 20th anniversary by mr. Cate yes and then of course Green Lantern number one by Grant Morrison yes where do you want to go yeah that’s right that is actually a toughy yeah cuz empty man was good but you almost have to.

Have a little background for like the original series to kind of jump right in so I didn’t have that I’m not gonna lie and I read it first because.

It put me in a place I was like I don’t feel good about myself.

So it’s a dark okay let’s get into that one okay let’s just let’s go ahead and get that out of there I very much so felt a creepypasta vibe mm-hmm this whole thing so your Slenderman ask type things so there’s.

Another series yeah came out a.

Couple years back okay sort of kind of set the framework up.

The background like the first cases of the empty man virus.

Right like the different cults that were popping up so without that I guess for those of you that aren’t thinking about picking this up having picked the first one recommend checking out there’s a trade paperback okay there for it that’s still available through Diamond comics a hit up your local shop but the the basic thing behind it is there’s this horrible.

Disease that’s basically just turning people crazy right and essentially hollowing them out like it’s that’s my suicide mass murders like yeah so it’s it’s really really really really yeah okay we’re we’re filming on election day come on Tuesday so.

Reading that first man that’s like I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and get any of this please please miss.

I literally picked it up because it was Colin yeah like no two ways about the genius yeah like I was like where we going with it what I what I’m getting a.

Sense of is Colin likes to play with supernatural biblical yes insights like it’s very interesting the way that you know the if you.

Take all the things that he’s writing yeah you can find like a thread there and I wonder if that’s like if that’s a thing for him like is he just so in love with.

That theme that that’s like his focal.

Point I don’t know make sure is there a colon verse mmm like a dark arc.

And they all take place in the same pocket universe I’m gonna tell you right now if they do I’m going to recommend that we look.

Out for calling on a regular basis make sure that he’s okay check in one should not have to deal with this yeah just living in their brain pan like that’s it’s dark it’s so dark dangerously dark because this one takes that the family construct oh and in law the father the husband try to keep everything safe for everybody the government that’s supposed to be protecting you potentially being overzealous so this is scary yeah.

Do the test yeah okay yeah there’s a test in this book yeah without spoiling anything but the questions on this test and the ramifications only answer yeah then I was like that’s.

The moment I was like please don’t let this be our future yeah like I’ve never so been him like you give me Earth X right and you’re.

Like oh my gosh you know everybody’s mutated and there’s this new red school I’m like.

You know find a way that test is you’re reading the.

Questions on it it’s like see being given to kids oh I can I really really can’t him at that’s the part where I was like I don’t feel comfortable.

With living right now this is not where I’d like to be like anywhere but here yeah please thank you and if there’s no supernatural aspect to and it really just is this buyer all makes people go crazy that’s almost more scary because it’s so much more yeah we’re not that.

Far off from that right happening so have you ever seen the movie the crazies both of.

Them yeah yeah very similar like okay and 1/2 more colorful things can we start with Marvel Knights yes we start I.

Think we can 20th anniversary given 20 years oh god I was only just able to legally buy a beer legally I was just able to drive you got.

Me by a couple yes but that’s read faster yeah that’s good more of a Knights okay so for those of you that don’t recall cuz they don’t really talk about it too much I don’t which is so.

Weird it’s so weird a pivotal time in Marvel Comics history the bankruptcy was lon they needed something to save him they really really did and the the coca lab the team supreme that was Joe.

Quesada in Jimmy palmy ah t come together with this pitch to like launch four titles for Marvel that takes some standard character yes that had kind of fallen yeah like deaf man team kind of falling yeah that’s kind of putting numbers numbers for daredevil right that they were in the pit I mean cool bad and.

Literally rebuilt what Marvel is an auth of this new imprint Marvel Knights do you remember the for exactly Fantastic Four no there was an original florescent Oh wasn’t part of the.

Like daredevil Punisher yeah not coast writer I’m blanking I should tell my research so it was daredevil mmm-hmm Punisher where they made Punisher like an angel yeah that was weird yeah that was weird I’m not gonna lie.

Like I never read it but it’s a weird thing like he.

Like Frank dies and comes back and yeah the Inhumans that’s right Paul Jenkins in jail yeah and very near and dear to my heart right now the Christopher priest run of black panther that was the original was Marvel night that was marvel yeah overnights dude I still have okay this is no joke I.

Still have the Wizard World Book like The Sketchbook but they did I still have that oh wow not even a joke I would never lose that I would fight people yeah I might even fight my kids I’ll be.

Honest you know what okay so what do.

You hear peace I didn’t know what to expect with this yeah Donnie Cates is writing it great so it could be just anything it literally could he could take all the Marvel Knights characters combined them into.

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