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A flaw in a popular security camera putting your privacy in jeopardy plus the days of missing packages being delivered might be coming to an end and why looking to the internet to find why you’re.

Not feeling well is probably not a very good idea we start with a serious flaw discovered in security cameras web connected cameras can be great for monitoring your home and keeping you safe but what if they could be turned against you to invade your privacy that’s exactly what’s happening right now with a popular camera consumer reports recently published its findings about the state of security and privacy of six wireless home security cameras and one.

Model stood out with a glaring.

Flaw a popular model made by d-link it’s the model dcs 263 oh l it can transmit unencrypted video feeds over the internet this means it can potentially grant unauthorized people access to its footage that’s because unlike other cameras.

That store footage on a secure encrypted cloud server this particular d-link bottle stores footage locally on its own built-in web server so the footage is local and available if the system ever gets hacked one mistake people.

Who own security cameras make is not realizing that it ships with default passwords and that those passwords are the same for all the units by not changing the passwords as soon as you install the device you’re leaving yourself open to be spied on most hackers know the default credentials to those devices and can easily access your security camera if.

You don’t change the password as soon as possible another thing that keeps you secure is making sure the cameras firmware is always up-to-date whenever a manufacturer learns about a vulnerability they will patch it with a firmware update so if you want to know how to update your firmware go to and read our article titled this wireless security.

Camera has a serious hijacking flaw that will walk you through all the firmware updating procedures.

Step by step that also give you more details about this particular vulnerability well have you ever missed the delivery driver trying to drop.

Off a package well of course we all have that there’s nothing more frustrating than getting home and seeing that missed delivery note on the door but those days might be coming to an end at least if this robot manufacturer has.

Anything to do with it starship technologies has developed an army of robots designed to deliver packages the service is starting up in the UK now and will be up and running in San Francisco by the end of the year company plans on expanding to the rest of the country soon not only would this.

Eliminate the frustrations of missing a delivery but it could help cut down on package theft as well because you’ll be able to schedule delivery whenever you know that you’ll be home to receive it the only downside appears to be the loss of delivery driver jobs which is what people have feared about since the development of.

Robots and just ahead if you’re a regular rideshare passenger there’s a new way to save money but.

Right now a quick word from our partners at meta share saving money is important but it’s weird.

How some people go through great lengths to save a couple of bucks and then ignore the ways that we can save a lot of money yeah well.

If you switch to Medicare for your health care you could actually save $500 a month believe it or not that’s the typical savings for a family and there’s a recent Medicare is growing so fast it’s because it works.

Will it save you $500 a month well find out for yourself go to Medicare comm.

Or call 850 525 share that’s 855 twenty-five share Medicare comm or 85 525 share what’s the first thing you do when you feel like you’re coming down with a cold or getting a sickness many.

People turn to the Internet to do a little self diagnosis before actually going to a doctor but that might not be such a great idea a study published awhile back in the British Medical Journal found that online symptom checking sites listed the correct diagnosis first about only a third of the time and that led to a follow-up study by a team of researchers and what they found was.

Karl Shen who led the study.

Which was focused on eye health their results were not real good the correct diagnosis showed up first on Web MD only 25% of the time the researchers compiled 42 eye health clinical vignettes.

Based on medical literature and basically that means they entered possible symptoms patients may have been dealing with with their eyes and most of the time the wrong diagnosis was given as a result out of the 42.

Searches the correct diagnosis only topped the list of results eleven times now WebMD has updated its algorithm since both of these studies were conducted which will hopefully give more accurate results but if you aren’t feeling well it’s always best to see a doctor in person how often do you use a rideshare.

Service like uber or lyft if you’re riding with them regularly you’ll want to pay attention to this one of the biggest complaints passengers have is the way.

Pricing changes even when you’re going to the same destination you might pay $10 for a ride home from work one night and charge.

$15 for the same ride another night that’s usually a result of surge.

Pricing when there’s an event or something else happening in the area where the drivers are in high demand uber is trying to help regular passengers cut down on expenses so it’s introducing a subscription service called ride pass the company said it’s a new way for riders to lock in consistent low prices on any ride they take anywhere in the city any time of day the fee starts at $14.99 per month and could be cancelled at any time ride pass is actually designed.

To guarantee discounted rides and protection from the dreaded surge pricing that everyone hates so much so what would you be willing to pay per month for a ride.

Share service it might be a tough unless of course you’re truly are what they call.

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