Hi everyone I’m back um anyway I don’t still have a song or an opening from this YouTube thing I am just here just speaking my thoughts and maybe one day I’ll put a song when I’m at 1,000 views but for now we’re still there anyway that’s not the point the point there’s no way I’m back again because I’ve.

Been following this issue of Vera in dota LeBron it’s kind of just entertaining and we need some.

Have free time on your hands basically.

Just follow what it is that is going on back at home and sometimes you can really help it’s because the bloggers you follow on Twitter instagrams and I don’t follow celebrities but you’ll always.

Find that because of your friends or associations by somebody you’ll get that you get to know the new stories that are going on when you check on your newsfeed so yeah I happen to have known what was going on and even though I did not know it through the social media I just made bye bye.

Bye I got the message through my brother and you were saying the way this woman had put up screenshots of their conversation with the man so I went and chat and later on I think Vera puts a.

Video put up a video and and she explained that the breakup itself now my thing is I used to see in Instagram because you always have still like I said you have friends who are following people so you go on on your this place is it the news there’s such news with the such part and you’ll always find all pictures of different celebrities depending on who your friends follow so you’ll see pictures of Vera.

To see their relationship they kept on putting up there are pictures and everyone was congratulate sometimes you get curious you go check that that.

The statements before was so curious people also mostly ladies were really happy in that someone the relationship won’t go long of course there’s always that bashing part then that those people who look at them in off or fall in love and.

Be like oh you found love and all that in everything now the reason why I’m talking about this is because play something I’ve noticed like we women have and I know I.

Had it at some point and it took time for me to grow out of it and to realize that there is more to reality than the fiction and the illusion that we are seeing the pictures presented I think people talk about this but we wouldn’t realize how big this is because social media has made it so much to a point where people really view relationships based on a picture based on something.

You see oh we are out on dinner someone’s like oh I wish I had someone like you oh we are out here or this maybe you have someone who.

Takes you to dinner but that person doesn’t take you to Villa Rosa or that person doesn’t take you to to some Cara or or or hilltop that person takes you to dinner to keep and eski and for you that is not someone worth taking a picture of you can only take a.

Picture of it if you’re maybe going to villas and anyway today we decided with the web that you are going to do something different no no no no no maybe you have that already but the thing.

Is I’ve noticed like majority of ladies will look at the picture and we let the pictures tell us or dictate to us people’s love and people what it is that they have now it’s until Vera came out with with with the screenshots and all that that poor like Oh totally Braun was asking Vera for money and as much as it as this guy this this musician might say oh no no no that’s not the thing is this and this and.

This it was only two days after you had come back and now you’re asking her for money for a car I mean any wise woman and I’m.

Saying wise because there are some people who don’t really think I don’t want to see much into it but anyways woman or any wise person even if it was a guy and a woman comes back to you after two days and then asks you for money you’ll still feel like there’s something going on it’s not just about it’s not.

Each other but it’s like you came back for this specific thing like you had that need and you only knew that I could fulfill that need and in this.

Case they need these finances by anyway now and.

Then now it brought me to and made me it it reminded me bring me to this part where I’ve seen recently I saw a celebrity who put the Prince Harry and Megan on on her Instagram status and she happened to say like the way they are looking at each other it was.

It’s it was so much like how do i how do I put it like for them it was like true love and she was saying like where can I.

Find love why someone looks at me like this now I read that and I got a beats behind you know cuz I felt like okay fine wait what did you just say and I am NOT bashing this person or anything but.

I want you to understand where I’m coming from and people need to stop looking at one picture and letting them dictate to them that that is what love is because people don’t know.

What is happening behind us now this said person I loved them I won’t I’m not stopped loving them but I’ve grown up that’s what I’ll see I’ve grown up this is the one thing this is because the person got married when some of us were not even in relationships yeah and I got married in this good wedding and before they even got married they they had a relationship with this news anchor fellow news anchor and it was Wow and they they did a.

True love thing and it was beautiful then they did their engagement they had a baby and it was all la blah so I used to follow the man and it followed a lady because I was movies people have.

Like this is just love and it was an amazing and all ending put pictures and see how much they love each other well then came the.

Engagement where they did engagements with Jaguar the Jaguar cars and all that I was ours do ours over the moon it was it’s as if it was my relationship like it was the two of them and I was also included in that relationship like I loved that relationship so much you’d think they’d talk to me also like I’m part of.

That whole thing then then the next thing was the wedding all my goodness I was flown off our students of.

Life this is we want a man who loves the end the guy was crying when she was coming down the aisle.

And it was it was of like this is the kind of love you want you know I wasn’t even.

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