Hey bid says what’s up is Daniel here and I just wanted to give you a quick overview of some new content coming to the channel in while just going forward for the near future see about if I actually enjoy creating it hopefully the camera is not a too wonky and I just notice a slightly wonky and uh hopefully.

But where as you start doing bids get product reviews and I don’t want this channel just to be beard calf product reviews cuz there’s loads of guys doing bitch cam product reviews of all sorts of different.

I I think it’s good because it gets me thinking about the products what I’m puttin on my my own skin yeah probably help you out.

Because I can hopefully save you a bit of money and you don’t waste your money on bad products and it just gets me creating more content around this bid care but hopefully we will do the full sort of men’s grooming products so.

We might cover hair products clothing and things like that going forward around this bearded lifestyle so it won’t just be beard care product.

Reviews but it will initially be that as I just build up some more content we’re still going to be doing the year videos every single week and the how to use and order tips and.

Advice and focusing a bit more on how like.

You can improve yourself going forward because there’s something that the channel was meant to meant to do this meant to be about that the five values that I live by about how to become like more confident how to try new things how to like.

Persevere be patient and there’s ways of hacking that and it all sort of you can kind of it stems from really growing a beard it can give you a lot of these new skills and trades but this is the kind of content that’s going to be coming to the channel very very soon and that’s what I had to say this is a very quick update video just for that so with just let me know in the comments if you’re looking forward to it there’s any products that I should.

Check out review or anything that you would recommend and I’ll see if I can get.

My I didn’t mind actually having to pay for it Oh if brands want to send me stuff free like.

Obviously that helps me out massively but yeah we just see what.

Happens and if I get a nice big.

Collection obviously I’ll send some stuff to you guys every now and again because I’m definitely not gonna need to use it.

All either anyway we’ll see you very soon guys goodbye.

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