What is going on it’s crazy 187 zero looking at some pixel three accessories that you might want to consider now first off we have the ng P by incipio now this is made out of a polymer flexible material so it really doesn’t add too much bulk or weight to the phone you have easy access to all your buttons.

And ports at the rear you also gonna.

Find that fingerprint scanner cut out which makes it.

Easy to access so this here has a little bit of both worlds you gotta clear any frost end so this.

One right here might be for those that kind of like to show off their rear end of the phone one thing to keep in mind is that the buttons felt a little bit flat compared to their dual Pro but then.

Again the dual pro is a thicker case next we have the dual pro now this.

One here offers a little bit more added layers of protection you have the inner layer and a polycarbonate outer shell.

At the rear you have the camera cut out fingerprint scanner cut out now a sleeping wake button and volume rockers are very easy to press thanks to those raised buttons I also going to get that lay on the table design so the dual pro compared to the NGP is a little thicker and does add a little bit more weight to the phone but nonetheless it still feels pretty comfortable in the hand so you might.

Want to go all original with the Google pixel 3 excel case now this right here is the Indigo color right off the back this is a.

Real light case it kind of has like this fabric material which kind of adds a little grip to the phone now the side buttons also have a very good tactile feel to them when pressing them you also get that Google logo towards the bottom end of the case so as you guys.

See I do have the Mophie wireless charging.

Base and I just really want to put you guys up on game real quick so if you’re looking for a different wireless charging alternative or even just the same cache and not by the pixel stand because maybe you already have a wireless charger well one thing to keep in mind it will not give you the.

10 watt fast charge you will be limited to 5 watts now if you want that fast charge you’re either gonna have to bust out the credit card and buy the pixel stand or try to look for a Google approved third-party charger I know Belkin also just announced a recent one another theme.

That I want you guys to keep in mind is that with this clear NGP and.

I think this happens with all clear cases now I personally work at a very dusty environment and you can already see that it looks a.

Little bit yellowish and kind of dirty from the bottom in so just keep in mind that obviously it’s clear.

And it might show a little bit of the dirt compared to a darker color so that’s pretty much it for this one now if you’re not yet subscribed please make sure to do so and while you’re at it to hit the bell icon just to get notified when the next video is up don’t forget to follow me on social media check out the two latest videos and I’ll catch you guys on the.

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