She see money on the man hey guys um actually let me turn off my air conditioning real quick it is kind of high I know it’s like they oh my god it’s November but okay so my hair is brown I went ahead and I took all the purple out so there’s a no purple lift and if you guys.

Want to see how I did that I will have that video linked here so you guys can catch up but now I know you guys didn’t think I was done with.

I’m really not I’m gonna go lighter so I’m gonna go to the beauty supply store and pick up a lighter color I’m not gonna tell you guys what it is but maybe if you see the title you already know.

What it is that I’m getting but I’m really really really nervous so I thought I would let you guys see in real time when I in real time but.

I thought I would let you guys see the struggle that I’m.

The internal struggle I’m so nervous but I’m really excited I just want to make sure that my hair is still healthy because my hair is so freakin healthy right now but I just want a lighter color so I’m gonna go pick up this box dye and hopefully everything works out and my color is just gorgeous and the Scheinman and I.

Can live my best life finally if I wanted to I could really wear this but.

I need color in my life color and then if you can see my roots you’ll see that the difference I don’t know so hopefully wish me luck so I went ahead and I got two boxes i’ma show y’all I got two boxes of the textures and tones this is in the color.

6 g which is honey blonde and I’m really nervous y’all because who do I think I am going blonde if I lose my color i’ma.

Bust out in tears like and he’s not gonna be happy to hear they’re gonna.

Very very sad tears huh scared I’m so scared I’m going for it am I really about to do that it’s like is it okay to have a mental breakdown I think I’m having a mental breakdown I’m doing it I.

Mean I already body and it’s no return so this is happening so I changed clothes I recommend wearing something that you don’t care about bleach getting on there or any type of hair dye any type of discoloration that’s what I recommend I’m going to section my hair off and I’m actually going to for once the first time ever I’m going to do a tester patch because that’s.

Gonna let me see how long I need to leave this color in and it’s just gonna make me feel a lot better about this whole process so I am gonna section my.

Hair into four sections and I am first gonna take a section like this big this is gonna be my tester section so in the box it comes with gloves it comes with something labeled one something like well two and.

Then a booster packet that’s supposed to intensify the color so the instructions say to take to put the booster packet inside of to shake it up a little bit and then put the.

Color which is number one inside of two and then shake it all up and then you can start applying okay I’m a covering it for 30 minutes with a plastic bag and then I’m gonna come back if everything looks good I’m gonna go ahead and continue y’all on look a hot mess but I just put the bag over it really just enough so we got covered.

Real hair that is it being processes in here too I mean I’m just gonna see I mean it hasn’t it doesn’t have any color in it but I’m just gonna see how it works I have the time right.

Now I’m a timer for 30 minutes but I’m gonna check every 10.

Minutes and then when I see it getting light I’m done I’m done I’m done I did my test section and it worked so I’m gonna continue okay so I’ve applied the color everywhere I’m still nervous I’m still so nervous even though I already at a tester patch I’m gonna sit under the dryer for 30 minutes on high heat and see what color I get and hopefully my curls are still intact and everything is great okay thank you I’ll come.

Back when I shampoo my hair when.

I’ve done shampooing and then imma add a deep conditioner cuz you got a rebuild your hair back up you.

Know it worked it worked it worked it worked it work so I currently have a deep conditioner in my hair but this is how the color turned out curls still intact which I was super nervous about so my here it is filling drive which is to be expected when you.

Use any type of box to die when your lightening your hair so that’s why I’m deep conditioning right.

Now and I’m just gonna be sure to take extra good care of my hair because I don’t want it breaking off or.

Anything like that so view conditioning is life I’m gonna do a protein treatment later.

Like everything is good I’m actually really loving it I got close to my desired results I thought my hair was turned out a little lighter but I’m not upset it did actually work it did actually take it is lighter so it’s a win what’s most important.

Is that my curls are not damaged that is like my number one top priority I still have the healthy.

Curls my curls integrity is not gone I am a happy camper for real for real also I used a new wash and go combo which I should have that video coming up soon.

So don’t forget to check that out because the curls are extra pop it’s a day they came to show out I’ve been.

So scared this is a big big video for me guys because I’ve been scared to bleach my hair for the past two years I’ve had colored hair for two years.

And I’ve never gone lighter than red because in order for me to go lighter than red I would have to bleach my hair and I was terrified I’ve seen all the horror stories they say like number.

One no no no no no do not bleach your hair and I was just terrified like that my curls will go away by bleaching it or using any type of bleach I just thought my curls will go away and what the color be worth me losing my curls I don’t think so so I’m very very happy that I was able to achieve this look without my curls.

Going away my curls are still here I still have the road I love I just have the lighter hair and watch out guys.

Because now that my hair is lighter I am free to rinse my hair with more colors and get more clothes than.

I’ve ever gotten before so this is just gonna open.

So many new doors for me I don’t know if y’all notice but I did not dye my roots I did not dye my roots I didn’t even want to touch them that’s the new growth that’s the completely unprocessed hair so I just didn’t dye my roots I didn’t want it all over and I’m completely fine with this look I really hope.

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