Hi this is Sensei mushy and this is a weekly reading for Gemini or November 3rd through the 9th so hopefully these messages resonate with you guys let’s see what’s in store for the week yeah and let me know if you guys like this type of format or if you guys like the a monthly format versus the weekly format.

So we’ve got the six of Pentacles the two of cups and the.

Page of cups so far five of hearts in this deck the seven of wands upside down and the king of Wands so.

This week seems to be about any sort of relationships or emotional connections that have sort of tipped over it looks like by letting those go you bring in more energy to to balance out scales and to give and receive pretty much an equal amount yeah I’m just getting that the amount of.

Work you’re putting into something right now is really paying off maybe at first it’s a little rough emotionally but in terms of the Union that’s going to bring with you and another this is with someone that you don’t really have any conflict with.

Came out reversed seven of wands and this looks like there’s like a conflict like a battle between beavers so I’m feeling this is someone you feel a deep connection with as well as little to no conflict with or if you have had conflicts in the past they they were just kind of emotionally sad overall but ultimately there was no like.
There was never a conflict of will or.

Or something like that of course I mean you can have different opinions but I mean like you never like battled over having different opinions it’s more like you have different but shared like journeys and you both respect mutually so this is a connection of course.
Love and her to clarify on two cups because normally when I see two cups I.

Often think of like Oh Twin Flames soulmate love like romance ooh ace of Pentacles I feel like this like that can very well be the case I’m getting that energy for sure but it’s not limited to that can be any sort of connection that’s just like honestly working really well someone that I feel like saying like you’re kind of fascinated by so there’s just like a strong mutual respect and love and understanding of each other so the salmon comes in.

To death maybe there’s times where you’re not sure where things are going or you don’t know when’s a good time to communicate or start up something but those times are changing so with those times changing I’m very.

Much getting that five of swords it’s it’s about always putting in the effort even if even if in the short.

Run things aren’t working out so I’m feeling like planning for something and then Oh.

Plans get cancelled or reaching out but like the other person’s phone is dead stuff like that five of swords something that’s like lose-lose but you got you got an outcome nonetheless so now we’ve got the knight of cups so yeah I keep coming forward honestly and openly and this connection seems to be a very powerful connection to help both of you in.

The other person it’s gonna give both of you a fresh start there’s no conflict with either of you so it’s really like I’m just seeing like yeah first or maybe earlier in the beginning of this week or maybe even before the week started you’ve been feeling kind of perhaps sad or feeling or grieving over some losses from the past or.

Something like that or just where you are at that time were at that time and then it’s kind of like thinking about oh there’s this person this is two of cops person you feel.

Very similarly to and you know maybe around the time of the loss you’re like I don’t know and that changes throughout this week and so I’m just seeing a lot of communication between you and a loved one whoever that may.

Be so it can be romantic love it can be platonic love but ultimately this looks like it’s benefiting both.

To you and the other person so that’s awesome so let’s see where this is going so it may not change your 3d world situation but emotionally and spiritually this week is going to be very powerful for you but yes physically there’s still a lot of like.

Stuff that can’t be helped like time I’m hearing time it’s not gonna speed up but but they’re still going to be things for you to enjoy yeah we get another energy yeah all the the 3d world energy it is quite a challenge it does look like you’re kind of going through some stuff alone but at least emotionally and spiritually you’re kind of in this together with.

Somebody that yeah that gets it somebody that yeah I’m just getting is a really close buthe the world I love that and so this energy this energy is destined to complete so when you cycle this out pretty much when time moves forward this will be over with and the seven of Pentacles.

And the five of Pentacles are going to flourish into once again the six of Pentacles because the whole time you’ve been giving and receiving or you’ve been giving what you feel is an equal amount and so the equal receive will show itself through emotion and in spiritual bonds and then it won’t.

Show in the 3d world because you’ve got the seven of Pentacles and the five imprint of the holes so it doesn’t really show very fluidly I guess in the.

3d world but that is bound to be done with us Wow and I feel like that’s when later.

On that it’ll bring in something else yeah we just get another slow energy it’s gonna definitely bring in the energy of like slow and steady wins the race and yeah pretty much that so it’s the best I can say about the 3d world stuff going on your surroundings so.

You might be working you might be stuck in a living situation or a working situation whatever it is but keep moving forward I feel that by the end of this month whatever that situation.

Is we’ll we’ll have fully transformed that’s what I feel with the death card and.

The world card and the night of so there you have it that’s for November.

3rd through the 9th hopefully these messages resonate these are timeless so if you come across at any time that resonates with you please take them Gemini’s not in your like chart or whatever or you’re just.

Take the messages to if they resonate and I’ll see you all later 11 light peace out.

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