So I’m 24 years coming out of strategy consulting and one of the things I really love about the process that we have here at Dinty is that it’s a great blend of strategy consulting and search and we always talked in strategy consulting about the fact that we really wanted to be a trusted advisor for our clients and a.

Lot of that translates over into what we’re doing with search as well so when we think about a trusted advisor you think about how you start the relationship or you start with credibility and then you gain that credibility.

And then you start with a trial project and then that trial project becomes a few projects and then you become a partner but.

It’s really that trusted advisor status which is what we’re really looking for where we not only come to our clients when they have a specific need but also when they just.
Have a problem that they’re thinking.

Through really being able to talk to them about your business talk to them about strategy business strategy as well as human capital strategy really pulling in the insights that we get from the vast number of conversations that we’re having in the marketplace with candidates with clients we’re really understanding the market places that they’re in we’re understanding specific subject matter we’ve done a lot of projects recently where we’re really taking what we’ve.

Done on the strategy side and really pulling through the human capital element of it by looking at things like what are the trends going on today in chief digital officer x’ and how do what are the different models for ceos.

There to looking at things like shared services and what are some of the best.

Practices and shared services – then we’re doing a project now where we’re looking at business development transformation how do we take before we even start to hire people how do we take some of the best ideas that are out there in the marketplace about how other companies are really winning in the market space and how they’re gaining customer intimacy through a very different model.
What we’ve been able to do is really be able to.

Pull some of those insights together and really educate our clients on what’s going on in the market and that helps them to really inform what their overall strategic decision-making is going to be and what the human capital impact is you.

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