Hi I’m Angela and today I wanted to share some information with you regarding vulnerability in relationships no matter whether we’re talking about a new romantic relationship a 30-year marriage a relationship among family members or friends healthy relationships include the ability to be vulnerable with another person when I asked people to define vulnerability what I often hear is well.

That’s a sign of weakness it’s low self-esteem it’s not standing up for yourself well it’s unmanly if I say anything that.

I’m just being seen as being needy or a basket case when we are able to create vulnerability with our.

Partner we are developing a shared experience it’s an intimate connection that pulls us closer together and when we use that then during times of trouble or even times of joy and happiness it deepens our relationship with our partner without vulnerability relationships can drift apart and dissolve if you’d like to learn more about this topic or related topics call me at five oh three.

Eight four one two one four two or join my group heartlines thanks for watching.

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