DiPalma coach on behalf of empowerment schooling yep yep a platform design with we’re life coaches and we are one thing in common and that is your brain our goal is to empower others with hope having only positive experiences that part we focus on bringing awareness affects to the masses.

Of people we all have one thing in common and that is your brain we explain the why the would – how the emotions and thoughts.
Work in your brain – attracts life we’ll see you’re.

Safe oh thank you go so do me a favor real quick subscribe hit the.

Subscribe button give me a thumbs up before we get into this topic and that is fear in relationships no gonna focus on the communication side of it today right right cuz that’s a big one and you guys we got notes so that we stay on script so any way we say it not on script on topic because you know we finna be talking and we need to make.

Sure we reel it back in okay really back in yes I can make sure that we answer everybody’s questions or comments accurately correct we got a lot of comments you guys that we.

Want to address regarding the life that we have on on Wednesday was to earn fear and relationships and that lab was kind of all over the place so we want to count bring it back bring it back and answer a lot of questions and let you guys have the complete understanding of what it is to be able.

To release the fear in any type of relationship and be effective in every type of relationship correct those ships include more than just the intimacy relationship your work ships the ship’s parents ships cousin ships auntie ships lying at all everything is a shit check out the the video before this one for the breakdown on ships cuz I broke that down for you on another on another um little recording so go back to run another one and check that one out.

About relationships but for today we’re gonna ask a lot of these.

Questions that were commented on the live as well in our inboxes so we can answer cuz there’s more I’m.

Pretty sure it’s more than one person you think they got to feel this way and think that way yes okay so we starting at what workplace yeah.

Let’s start there because it seems like there were a lot of questions about the workplace correct and how to keep a positive mindset in the right place.

Without having all the negative energy without having you know we know that sometimes bosses can be or co-workers kids knowing a lot whoa but guys we did do a video on emotional.

Maturity alive and shit which explained Intel emotional maturity in why people act that way not everybody is on your level correct you can’t expect everybody to have the same mind frame mindset or emotions that you.

Have correct because as human are all different our brains function the same but our understanding in our life experiences are different correct and that’s what emotional maturity.

It’s a skill and that’s something that if you’re not aware of the components that make up being emotionally mature you kind of don’t know it’s like that thing with age comes wisdom but it’s not always age is not a number it’s a maturity factor so with wisdom and knowledge those are the.

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