Hey Detroit is less tough on your tooth coming to you straight with the latest in business and entertainment from Detroit to all over I’m your girl miss money and I’m here by myself today my co-hosts aren’t able to be here today but of course we always represented four mice together out of the mud and your boys side of.
Course on today’s show we are going to be giving.

You a nice little topic and.

We have somebody don’t guess here for you on today’s show but before we get into debts just take a little rundown of.

The preview and we’ll be right back we have the one-and-only KK up cool kids how you doing you looking pretty today okay tell me about your business how is it to be a how are you a seven year old with your very own so mom that’s a.

That’s a good thing I’m very.

Glad to see that you started a business for.

Your daughter like you said a lot of people don’t do that and her money.

We do dating business – yeah we.

To do Shirley and let me know which surely as visualize and get at that so so lucky cut the base when it what’s the next time watch it did that today like secretive dislike gymnastic over the chair and then my day my heard.

Coakley my friend which is my Canada she say no bad things like ukk thinking yes yes that’s a good thing yeah we can take that consideration tissue right is.

Not cool hey let’s talk I’m you girl miss money and we are here today.

With our topic we are talking about relationships we are talking about building relationships what role.

You play and keeping relationships of course on today’s show we have some really nice things to talk about with relationships and we also have a Doug guest for you today before we go in.

Any further I am going to introduce our guest for the day she is a young lady from the city of Detroit she is also a young lady who has her mom speaking beside her every time and also helps her begin her very first business we have the one-and-only KK up cool kids okay how you doing you looking pretty today okay Kay tell me about your business.

How is it to be a how are you a seven.

Year old with your very own business you can start off by just telling me the name tell us the menu business that’s name your business how long have you been having cool kids few years if you want okay okay okay that’s what’s up that’s us up so mom what made you start this own business for her I.

See looking like everybody got these names I want to do stuff and I’m like let.

Me focus on your sales and stuff like this and that’s a good thing that’s a good thing when I’m very glad to see that you started a business for your daughter like you said a lot of people.

Don’t do that so you say you’ve been.

For a couple months what type of relationships did you.

Develop in the beginning and I guess I could say prior to starting the business just to kind of get you slowly we learned a couple of those people they’re like this far then I’m for DJs and we met more people because we do more kids likes having to be more brainers because you have her because she took first to.

School so she okay that’s a good thing so kku wants to a new grade this year coming.

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