Oh Li was battling a metal claw wolf atop an uneven terrain the metal claw wolf had a weaker defense than the steel boned jackal but its offense was far greater using its claws that were half a meter long it could destroy the trunk of a sizeable tree with ease Chang sparks flew ously steel sword slid along the wolf’s.
Metal claw and found its entry into the wolf’s throat a total of four moves.

There is still room for improvement after the encounter with the steel boned jackal Li was able to face the metal claw wolf with composure and required just four slashes to.

Take it down had anyone known of this their jaws would have dropped for a fifth level chi realm expert it would be exhausting to go against the steel bone jackal or the metal claw wolf one on one not many fifth.

Level Chi realm experts would dare to face them yet Li could kill both of them without much effort his skills would probably outshine the majority of Chi realm cultivators obviously a regular fifth level Chi realm expert would never have been able to attain the completion stage for to middle tier yellow class sword arts.

Even though Lee fukken was currently at fifth level of the Chi realm his skills headlong over seeded it the likes of a metal claw wolf was nothing steel boned jackal metal claw Wolf’s rage bear Gold patterned leopard in one.

Day Li foo Chen had taken down four ferocious class one demonic beasts as four beasts at the level.

Of the green striped snake he had already taken care of more than ten of them as the number of battles multiplied leaf oaken’s live combat skills improved tremendously his sword skills.

Were no longer like before even though they were exquisite there was still hints of stiffness as the sky darkened Li rushed back to the Li clan today’s harvest was great seven stalks of low-tier yellow.

Class herbs 20 metal claws and five beast pelts valued at twenty gold coins back at the li clan the sky was covered in darkness li had plans to sort out the herbs and beast materials what were you busy with today asked Li Tian Han while at the dining table dad I settled down somewhere to practice my sword skills li didn’t dare to reveal his trip to the misty mountains mmm.

Li Tian Han didn’t harbor any doubts as when he was young he often liked to find a quiet place to practice his sword skills rather than staying within the clan after dinner li returned to his room sitting cross-legged on a mat in his.

Room li started to revolve the red Jade technique he then took.

Out a jade bottle and from it he swallowed a medicinal pill this is a low tier yellow class spirit pill and it is valued at twenty gold.

Coins when cultivating resources are just as important as Talent with sufficient resources it could provide a shortcut to cultivation but solely relying on it is not advisable either as there will be a stage where the body will not be able to keep up and get stuck for.

A long time once the spirit pill was fully refined Li could feel a significant surge in his cultivation and was close to the peak of the fifth.

Level of the Chi realm the next morning li arrived in the city to visit the demon refinery young master for every metal claw it is one silver 20 will be a total of two gold pieces among the four beasts pelts the gold patterned leopard is considerably better and is priced at two gold coins for the rage bear it’s five silver the metal.

Claw wolf is at two silver in the steel bones jackal at one silver for a total of seven gold and seven silver coins what do you think offered the shopkeeper at the demon refinery after appraising all the materials on the counter that’s fine leaf oak and nodded the demon refinery was the Lee clans business its prices would surely be better than the other clans departing from the demon refinery Lee headed to the Lee clans verb.

Shop and sold seven stalks of low-tier yellow class herbs for 11 gold coins report add it was close to noon and there wasn’t enough time to visit the Misty Mountains as he needed to be back by early evening and the traveling time required to and fro was.

One hour in each direction seeing that he.

Had free time Lee started to shop around young Mew City since losing his talent Lee hadn’t shopped in this familiar city for an entire year unconsciously he found himself in front of the treasure shop this was an accessory shop but it specialized in accessories for martial artists these Marshall accessories could help boost one’s cultivation there was a healthy traffic.

Going in and out of the shop showing that the business was great those people that entered and left were all Chi realm practitioners occasionally an Origin realm practitioner would visit as well Big Brother just as Li entered a shy voice could be heard from behind Ziya D as Li looked back he saw a beautiful and delicate looking lassie li-xia d belonging to one of.

The LI clans branch families her parents were not of noble status but Li remembered her well when he lost his talent the kind-hearted saya D encouraged him I heard Big Brother Stalin has been restored Ziya D would like to.

Congratulate you Ziya D gave him a sweet smile li laughed heartily I have yet to thank you for your encouragement then Big Brother is giving me too much credit how could my encouragement be of any use Li’s aya D gave.

Him an earnest look creative novels , proved only Li replied you are here for an accessory right let’s take a look inside then I shall not interrupt Big Brother indeed Li Xia D was here to look for accessories just a few months ago she had her eye on a bracelet but during that.

Time she did not have enough gold after saving for a few months coupled with the allowance she got from her parents she finally had just enough Li fukken observed that the accessories prices in this treasure shop was eye-opening the cheapest item costs 20 gold coins and the next item that seemed slightly.

Better costs fifty to sixty gold coins the items that were placed deeper in the shop could easily be a hundred to a few hundred gold coins I would like to take a look at this ring in the depths of a crystal display cabinet Li spotted a blue gem dring the ring was impeccable it was silverish gold.
In color attached to it was an.

Elliptic shaped blue gem near.

The size of a pinky the ring was dessaline within the display cabinet the staff nicely thus he brought out the ring with haste and described young master this ring.

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