We’re always on the hunt for the latest and greatest beauty products and sometimes that means traveling the world to find them so put your seats into the upright position we’re scheduled for an on-time departure in passport to pretty hello passengers I’m sure you’re all tired from your international travels so please sit back relax on this non-stop connecting flight.

Back to Los Angeles we’re ready to get our top-rated in-flight service started hello ma’am oh I was just checking out our passenger manifest here and it’s telling me that you’re heading home from a trip to Israel yes it was so.
Wonderful to just be immersed in such rich culture.

History a truly eye-opening experience Wow I bet you did some great shopping there too huh you bet I did check this out you see this right here this is mud Oh straight from the Holy Land it’s drawn from the Dead Sea which is famous for its natural healing properties the mineral rich mud helps ease stress muscle aches and pains all while purifying your skin as a result you’ll feel refreshed and soothed and you’re left with.
A radiant glow take a look let me.

Take a look oh darn yeah no I should have caught this earlier mud is basically dirt right right you can’t be bringing dirt on this plane we just had it cleaned yeah I’d hate to I hate for you to get in trouble so I’m I’m just I’m just gonna keep this okay do we have a problem here yeah she brought dirt on the plane what are you crazy is it the one with the healing properties yes Israel.

Hello ma’am all right now you’re heading on your way home from Japan yes what a beautiful country oh my gosh Wow who’s me I’m sorry to interrupt you.

But did you also have the transfer in Albuquerque no Chicago but how are we on the same plane here let’s have some mud I mean spud we’re featuring mashed potatoes on the menu today yes yes.

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