Hey everyone what’s up and welcome back to my channel today I’m going to be sharing with you cute yet kind of modest outfits hurricane Florence is messing up my lighting so if it looks a little crazy in here that’s why Florence did so this is actually a video that I have gotten a lot of requests on and something.
I didn’t quite realize that I did.

Until you guys pointed it out look I don’t think I.

Realized that I dressed like modestly until you guys were like oh my god you have big boobs and like you covered them up really well but you don’t look frumpy and you should look cute how do you do that and I was like oh yes I do so it’s kind of strange to say to work modest because I feel.

Like whenever you say that people think like frumpy and also I think that they think it’s a part of like religion that’s not why.

I dressed more modestly I guess would be what I’m trying to say not modest but more modest than the average Joe it’s just because like I went in high school from like in the matter of two months from wearing a size a bra to this icy bra and then.

I was kind of like okay my clothes don’t fit I guess I could one of these and then I went from wearing a size C to a size triple D in like a matter of a month and.

I did not know how to dress and I was saying all this unwarranted attention just like near my chest area because they didn’t.

Know how to dress but I did just notice that like I didn’t like the attention I was getting because my boobs were so obnoxious and I know that like it doesn’t look like I have a.

Triple D but like I promised this channel wasn’t g-rated I show you the tag to my bra and I cover them because they’re just all over the place but I dress modest for myself and if you choose not to dress modestly or if you choose to dress more modest or differently than the way that I’m going to eat on you today that’s totally fine I’m just.
Kind of sharing that the reason I do it is because I just was getting.

A lot of attention that I wasn’t down for and.

Then also when I met my husband I think it was something that he kind of liked about me again if you like that type of attention or you want to dress a different way that’s fine please don’t be rude to me in the.

Comment section below we all just dress differently and this is just how I dress and I gotten asked a lot of for about you guys from us if you are new here please go.

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Click Subscribe but before I ramble on anymore let’s just go ahead and get it’s today’s video and I can show you guys some modest and cute outfits so we did try to make it.

Where you guys can’t see the box like but clearly you see in the mirror can’t wait a while so it is currently.

Full transition time period right now so these outfits are kind of out going to all be like transition pieces so I just wanted to go ahead and show you guys like.

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