Hello everyone welcome to another edition of video interview series and I’m Ashley doing this interview after a long time and we have a special guest today founder of Myra wealth Sahil okay hello sorry I will complete program I I’m doing dirt one of the topics available that I wanted to cover here through happy schools personal finance and rightfully.

Here we are today recording details about how an immigrant can manage their personal finance investment efficiently not by reading a blog about how to manage personal finance and investing but from someone who has actually gone through the process.

You came from India now your personal finance advisor financial advisor so tell us one of the topics I really wanted to cover for a long time and I’m glad you are here before we get.

Going I want to mention that this is.

A sponsored video and we are going to be covering.

About things like personal finance budgeting planning tax.

Prep and strategies and Myra wills is sponsoring this video all right.

And of course with any investment advice we have to go with disclosure we do not want SEC or someone who is listening to this.

Listen to our advice what we are talking about here and then go and implement it on them not.

End up coming back to us and telling them that hey I lost strength of us.

In dollars because I followed what you told the video so this is an educational purposes only session if you want personalized advice of course.

You can sign up with minor wealth and talk to several where you will get a lot.

More comprehensive advice for your financial management and investment specific to your needs so is that good enough.

For the disclosure all right all right so so let’s start with this okay so how would someone who is from Mumbai University end.

Up become of Financial Planner investment manager here in the US yeah so my journey was very organic to be honest with you so like most Indians I moved from India after pursuing on the ground.

In electrical engineering with the University papaya groups with my Master’s and I came to the University of Southern California where I was pursuing the.

Master’s in electrical aerospace engineering I interviewed with several firms Lockheed Boeing as during that time and unfortunately because of 9/11 couldn’t get security clearance to actually work in.

The industry so that then you know kind of I I spoke with a couple of people they were maybe there’s an out why won’t you consult for the aerospace industry and that’s how I got my first job with constant young as a financial consultant to the aerospace industry to be honest with.

You my first couple of weeks were.

Didn’t know what a balance sheet or PNL once I was an engineer like most people there so at that point I decided to self-study for the CFA Charter and I didn’t want to go back to school full-time because I just come out of.

The master’s program so I decided to transfer son into the CFA charter was pretty lucky to get through all three levels in the first attempt and that actually was how it started getting ingrained in the investment management side I then you kind of quickly pivoted from aerospace engineering.

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