This was a surprise this was I didn’t expected to drop just like that yeah I’m throwing what I guess her album yeah I guess her album dropped I’m not used to stuff like that I’m usually like Billy’s other sound like though Romo so like it’s a little weird but I’m here I like dua and I like black pink.

Something same do Lipa is performing at Jacobo why can’t they just bring black pink you know we have a lot of.

Questions and how are you do a leaper and black pink are out here just doing the damn thing kiss and make up well then Oh make this big screen.

Okay I love hey I love those boys yeah bodies huh good oh cool.

I like it so far I like your greens yeah this is really Bree I know that one you’re gonna go with the yellow skirt that’s amazing Hey it’s really.

Fun Wow I’m happy that they have right story but it would be like the yeah I love Lisa’s heart I love the distribution mine oh my god I really like that oh thank you some of that I love that I was kind of.

Like low-key worried that it was just gonna be like doing the playing like one reverse Black Keys yeah that’s what.

I thought too and the thing is I was it for some reason I wasn’t expecting all the black paint to be in there to be on I know what.

You mean I thought if I didn’t like the English speakers yeah exactly so I’m so happy that the distribution was the way it.

Was yeah she was bombed I love like hyper yawns and you you plays at the club you like oh you try to go.

To the club you try to space and be like hey only I’m driving her car there ain’t nobody windspeed I loved it I think I think the fact that they added like Korean verses – yeah the question still stands oh that was that’s the main question that’s the main question my second question is if do a leap was performing a Jingle Ball we’re just the are the.

Other ones where’s the girl where are the other girls to be ringing the chickens me that’s actually me I’m the dancing lobster they bring them.

Over for me bitches me bitches I just read for me bitches okay guys getting weird.

Here when doing on yeah yeah and it’s a problem oh okay all right guys thank you so much for watching if you are not subscribed already I don’t know why but I mean August but once you reset five minutes nice thank you for watching we love you guys.

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