Hey guys it’s Elle and welcome back to my channel thank you so much for being here I have a really fun good one today juicy one for you with giveaways and all sorts of fun stuff I’m gonna be talking all about my current August favorites for summer end of summer travel so these are what I’m gonna be bringing.

On my travel that when this goes live you guys will be seeing it and I will be in Chicago and Michigan so if you want to know more about that it does its cry.

Little thumbs up and let’s do it so we’re gonna be gone in Michigan for well Chicago then Michigan for over about a week and a half and I love to travel with my family we’re gonna go see my husband’s family I’ve never been to Chicago when it’s warm so I am stoked to say the least I thought it would be fun to share with you guys what I’m.

Traveling with and kind of some of my favorites that I’ve been dying over.

In the month of August you know I don’t usually do favorites unless I honestly wholeheartedly believe in them sometimes they can get repetitive and that’s why you don’t see them every month okay so let’s start the first one is going to be these shoes so these shoes were actually sent to me the brand is called Jay Adams and they’re doing a giveaway for you guys so it’s a non affiliate link it’s just a giveaway I don’t get anything from it basically just it’s in the description box all.

You have to do is it’s there’s a link and just to go to the link and you can enter.

Their giveaway for some free shoes for you guys but I love these guys they have this kind of I don’t know if you guys can see but they are kind of cutout back here so for me they’re kind of that in-between fall summer shoe they’re very sturdy and there are amazing price point I do love expensive shoes but I also don’t buy them for myself a lot to be honest with.

You this is the type of shoe I wear boots this is my like ride or die kind of staple so I have been loving these I’ve been wearing them with like dresses I actually have this cute dress on I’ll show you that I’m also going to be bringing.

Look how cute it is and all guys I’ll show you when I do my like little fall get up video so I’m going to be doing like a fall I guess like fashion haul or something I don’t know but this is from.

Eva trends they’re also very very reasonably priced I also got rain boots for the winter when it rains and they’re really fashionable rain boots so I’ll show you guys those later but these are fantastic again Jay Adams is the brand you guys should go check them out and really reasonable well-made shoes so I.

Love these that’s gonna be one of the first things that I back because it’s gonna be cold at night and then also hot during the day it’s gonna be strange so.

The two books that I’m actually going to be bringing because I have dyslexia I’m really bad and.

So reading is very hard for me but these books I’ve been trying to get through this one I take the cover off this one is called the subliminal oops this one is called the.
Subliminal art of not giving a I’ll save the word F.

Okay but it is supposed to be a fantastic book I got through probably sixty pages of it I’m so I’m looking forward to reading this and you guys have read this comment below and then this one is actually the Tasha book and this is it’s called pure skin discovered the Japanese ritual of glowing by Victoria and this is actually the owner.

Of Tasha she wrote this book and it’s all about the Geisha way of skin care so I’m really excited.

To dive into that and see their kind of philosophies alright and then what I am going to bring as far as kind of accessories I if you guys watched me long enough you know that I love my rings from rocksbox but I have been sent this this set you guys I’m gonna go in real close so the.

Set is from a company called Mona and they come with bracelets you guys this one did not come with it but they come as a set really reasonably priced they come as a set so it’ll be a beautiful watch and then bracelet or two it just depends and I have been wearing these non-stop I wear my watches as bracelets i stacked bracelets up on my left hand I always have they also sent.

Me this piece it’s beautiful if you guys can see this I don’t know if you guys can see it it is a gold watch and I love this so this has been a staple for me the past month.

I have been loving these little watch of bracelets I the the fact that what drew me.

To it was the fact that it came with bracelets that matched I love that concept and for them to be reasonably priced this honestly is like fantastic alright so if you’ve been watching me long enough you.

Know I love me some Britney Spears perfume it’s actually been hard for me to find and then when I find it it’s actually very expensive so this company.
Called fragrance calm reached out to me and.

So that I picked the Britney Spears fantasy because I love this fragrance and I just got it back in and I cannot wait to travel with this every time I wear it it just.

People are like oh you know you smell so good and I’m like and they’re always asking me and I always.

Felt bad like what is it I’m like it’s pretty Spears fantasy like in my in high school but I love this so fragrance calm basically what they are is they’re able to sell their fragrances at about 80% less than retail that’s actually why I don’t spend a ton of money on fragrance because when I go into Sephora or Nordstrom’s or whatever.

They’re so expensive and I also got the Viktor and Rolf flower bomb from fragrance calm.

So they have all of the mainstream fragrances and the reason why they can sell them for a.

Little bit less is because they are only online just like hardware beauty they are only online and so they cut down that middleman and that cost so again check.

Again it’s not an affiliate link but it is.

A great discount for you guys to pick up your favorite fragrance for inexpensive.

I’m spraying this now because I absolutely love it you guys Oh oh my gosh is my so good okay so let’s get into skincare so obviously you know that I bring my little brush roll for.
All of my skincare and cosmetics and stuff like that I have been loving the.

New Murad revitalize the revival exert recovery serum it’s jam-packed full of hyaluronic acid and a whole bunch of antioxidants love love love this really hydrating eye so I’ve been using this every single day I’m kind of obsessed with it and then I always travel with my color science this is their Sun forgettable total protection body shield SPF 50 and this is for the body I actually only exclusively use.

Now color science on my daughter because I know it’s safe its.

Chemical free and on myself as.

Well obviously my husband too but this is what we’ll be using on our body since it we will be out and about being sightseeing and we’re also gonna go on the lake when we get to Michigan with Grandpa and Grandma so I definitely will be bringing my color science unforgettable total protection and they do have a gift with purchase again not affiliate but.

They do have a gift with purchase when you use the link below and it’s a bronzer and it’s one of the it’s a really amazing bronzer that you get whenever you purchase this alright and then my oh my gosh you.

Guys the bias Anse squalene i jo I have been living for bias ons right now especially with my skin after the procedure that I had done the clear and brilliant treatment at laseraway I have been living for this it really helps D puff dark circles it really feels lightweight but yet really hydrating and of course I’ll still use my it cosmetics bye bye under-eye over it but wow I love this and then I have been addicted to this is the.

Squalene and vitamin C oil I have been using this at nights lathering my whole existence with this.

Guy love it if you guys haven’t tried that.

Super clean they don’t use and ingredients are a no-go for that line and then I’ve been using this recently I’ve.

Been getting really good results especially on the.

Neck area this is by Mira Ness it’s called power lift it’s the wrinkle zero night renewal serum it’s jam-packed full of the proprietary blend of peptides and.

It is cruelty free it has very clean this has been a beautiful beautiful.

Serum that I have been loving for night time it just feels really hydrating on the skin so that’s been fun and then last thing that I will be definitely bringing is my fancy this is just.

Foreo but it’s a better price.

Point and I’ve been really loving this I love the.

Size and I love how to hold it so that is what I’ll be bringing with me as far as that and then I have I’m actually going to travel with the news you.

A pallet absolutely love this palette and I will be bringing this with me so this has been something that’s kind of.

Been a shocker for me that I am super super into this so that is what I will be bringing as far as my eye makeup goes so that’s basically it I really appreciate you guys being here let me know in the comments below like what you guys travel with like what your travel essentials are I feel traveling at the end.

Of summer going into fall is kind of tricky because you have to pack a certain way that you can layer you also have to pack sunscreen but then make sure you’re using hi trading.

Products you have to have shoes that are actually close toed but still not so hot you know it’s like it’s it’s like a delicate balance as a delicate dance between it so again thank you guys so much for being here and I will see you guys all on the next one I love you guys have a great day bye.

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