Hi everyone so this is the piles that I’m working on that came out of the ICU bag I started digging into this it rained all night and all day in Florida it’s been like Noah’s Ark so all the stuff that I’m throwing out is still sitting there goodwill is still there food pantry is still there so I thought.

I would go through this mess because it was packed and I thought it was mainly clothes and I’m selling clothes on eBay so I sorted through all the.

Clothes that came out of here that’s what’s worth selling the accessories I’m gonna put into the empty Starbucks bag it’s mittens it’s tight it’s little socks there’s hair bows stuff like that that little hearts outgrown are not gonna wear anymore and.

Then this is all the stuff that is absolutely not worth selling on eBay there’s a couple of my old Banana Republic dresses in there there’s like this is Janey and Jack with a cardigan but the color rubs on it my little girl just warm completely out and she did a great job but worth a second hand over at Goodwill but.

EBay you know it’s not worth trying to sell there but these were all really good condition and like her little swimsuit she wore it to death but you know it’s still very.
Good condition so we’ll see how that goes and then.

This is believe it or not little little one did wear this very frequently it’s a little Sun bonnet that we got at a mission in California and she’s outgrown it and she has.

Another Sun bonnet now but we’re gonna give this to one of her little friends that she has at one of her activities that she goes to we’ve known the family for years at this point before they even had the girl so I know that they would love something cute like a little Sun bonnet so that’ll go to them and then.

I started looking in this this is.

All my old knitting stuff and you can.

Tell we’re good will shoppers this is going to go to Goodwill as is it is all the yarn and everything the.

Reason being it’s acrylic and acrylic really just makes me itchy I break out and my nose gets very stuffy even working with.

Us like why are my fingers starting to burn why are my fingers starting burn oh it’s acrylic okay so all the knitting and there’s.

A lot of like knitted squares and stuff so we could just come make a blanket and then let’s see Ikea bag that can go.

To Goodwill dick okay so this is the only stuff that we’re keeping to eBay it and to give it away to friends very old.

Work shoes that I had those can go to Goodwill work pants which were hideous go to Goodwill random jellied our goodwill another random Dillard’s our goodwill you can tell what we ate weirdo juice holder goodwill that Care Bear goodwill this is like a little pencil pouch or whatever from Dollar Tree I used it in my previous business just to hold pencils what was intended for and other little things that can go to Goodwill beyond selling hahaha and it’s.

Even autographed by author that will go to Goodwill random card holder goodwill Dollar Tree goodwill Chinese pajama set it’s cows and stuff I wore this until it was no longer good-looking and I’m the only adult in my household.

So if it doesn’t look good to me it’s definitely not good-looking but someone at Goodwill you never know people may see the cow fabric and be inspired so I can.

Use that to pack up more stuff empty tote goodwill and oh this was cute little little one had a little hair crown that clipped.

In very cute loads of these my legs paper printer paper that I don’t even have a computer so we don’t need that that’ll go to my friend who’s getting my coloring pages again it comes in a nice little handy pretty tote so lovely so basically I had this full for ages and were literally selling that giving that away giving all this away giving all this way and all that.

Way so basically I had that sitting in my living room full of stuff that this little table try sell and everything else I even pre marked it Goodwill aren’t I I’m great I’m great I already pre-marked it good well we know where it’s going yep so anyway that was an easy easy clean-out and again it will go in poor goodwill.

I hope they make a lot of money and you know continue to do good work so anyway thank you guys for watching and I just feel so good to get free of all this stuff we’ve used it in some cases we’ve used it up completely and now it’s time to go to a different home.

So thank you guys so much for watching and supporting us and I hope this was entertaining and inspirational bye.

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