Hey everyone it’s me sherry and welcome back to my channel so today’s video is going to be as you can see from the title products that I would repurchase I’ve seen this video going around quite a bit here on YouTube and I thought hey that’s a neat video because I have some products that I’ve repurchased over and over.
Again that I’d like to share with you guys so I have a.

Little mix of everything i have like body face well not really body i don’t think no there’s not really anything body here.

Back i have like skin and makeup related stuff and maybe some tools and stuff so i’ll just jump in and show you guys what i have so i’m going to start off with the kind of like random things so the first thing that I have is baby shampoo this is just a dollar a more.

Brand but sometimes i bought i usually do by the dollar immigrant cuz it’s cheaper um but i always repurchase baby shampoo because i used it most times to.

Wash my brushes and i also use it on the dog as well so i definitely will repurchase baby shampoo over and over again the next product that i would always repurchase is the same eyes product.

I don’t necessarily always use this one but this one i purchased like three times so far so i kind of am on my kick with this one I really like this one I think I like this more more than the apricot which is what i used.

To use but i think i’m going to be using this one.

All the time now this is the st.

Ives black head clearing green tea scrub.

This has a little bit of salicylic acid in it so if you’re not good with that i still i guess if this wouldn’t be good but i really love this for my skin i use this every time i wash my hair that’s kind of my rule of thumb like when i get in the shower of the days that i wash my hair I use this too so that way I’d not using it everyday because it might be too harsh.

On my skin and this basically just helps clear but blackheads for fresher looking skin and exfoliate your skin’s I really like this one it’s not too.
On my skin I know a lot of people complain about the.
Ives crumbs but I’ve never had any issues with it so I’ve repurchased that over and over again the next product that i have is also a face cleanser and it is the B or a combination skin balancing cleanser that was at Hong Tai p or a combination skin balancing cleanser and this is proven what sorry provides an even all over clean out disturbing skin natural moisture and this.

Is deep cleaning its skin purifying technology I love this you only need the tiniest little bit and it does your whole face it lathers up really well this is like the third bottle that i.

Bought it off of this and i figure there’s no point in switching up cleansers all the time if i’m happy with this one so i will always repurchase that one as long as it’s available to me the next product that i have is something that I will always repurchase even if I have to send.

Away for it from the states and it is the upper not brand makeup remover wipes these are cleansing cloths daily use they do it says deep cleans and gently exfoliates texture cloth help to remove pore clogging dirt oil makeup and other impurities i freakin love these and as you guys know target’s closing.

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