Well this is some perspective we’ve got camera exception going on with campervan Kevin that’s your yeah this is the hero 7 as nice and of course I’m gonna zoom in here on the star of the show massager so this is solar group 2 we have set up our camp here at the van build we’re getting all the jobs.

Organized and ready to go tomorrow we got some awesome people we’re gonna get some awesome installs on.

It’s gonna be fun so with it being the first day and all I actually wanted to give.

My crew a little bit of a break allow them to ease in get all set up and all that Jamie is doing the same for the van built in general but.
Of course we have miss Ren here who decided to show up and just.

Start kicking ass before any of us even.

Started look at this girl go she decided to get some fans installed on this first day for Dori so we’re in.

The process of getting that job done and by we I mean her she’s totally doing this job all herself it’s amazing and in general we’re just kind of getting the tools set up we are.

Meeting the people who need help getting them all situated and getting geared up to do some jobs and get some van builds done pretty much everybody is here that’s Randy’s new trailer Raja and all of them are over there everybody you’ve seen on YouTube is here van build 2018 as seen.

On YouTube and look at this this is amazing it’s like Christmas over here I haven’t seen so many freakin tools in one place since I actually worked and in being forward-thinking we have already developed our complaint department and if you have a complaint you can drink the tears of our enemies and shot the cup it’s a.
Long interesting story but we do actually have an HR.

Department here at solar group two and we have a dude that is going to abide more coming soon on that all right everybody I don’t have a microphone or anything so I’m just gonna speak up really loud this is what we’re gonna do I’m gonna go through a list of things that we need to talk about and then we’re gonna separate you.

Out based on whether you’re a volunteer or whether you’re here to have work on then separate you out to go further to different teams.

And everything everybody have everybody separated but before we get into all that welcome if you are here you are at the right place at the right time.

So let that let’s talk about be able to be levels I’m not gonna get really into the B level here’s the deal I have a permit for us to be on this property until the 23rd and.

So we just need to observe BLM rules basically it’s this Leave No Trace pick up your trash micro trash if you see some trash at somebody else left go ahead and grab it.

Too so there’s no trace of any trash when we leave number one number two if you have a dog and it goes its business in a walkway we want to get it out of the walkway and then let’s see other than that I’ll just refer you to the BLM rules on the web page I’m not gonna read all that stuff off.

If anybody comes up to you that’s right sorry if anybody comes in there’s not a part of this event and there’s any friction directive.

To me because I have the permit I have the insurance I want to handle it okay let’s see we are not gonna do a community free pile this year last year turned into a big trash pile in my bus and I had to get a hotel room that night.
So if you have stuff you want to give away you can.

Have like your own little front yard yard.

Sale by free and then if nobody gets it just take it with.

You that’s okay just no community pile because it just turns into something different toilets we’ve got some toilets coming I’m going to ask everybody to chip.

Little bit more on the insurance insurance with six six hundred.

Bucks five hundred ninety bucks so here’s the thing for chipping in on the toilets and just make that the insurance – if you would just little things to help out there’s little things that we’re doing that cost a little bit of money but for sure.

The toilets and if you could on the insurance I really would appreciate it there is a trash landfill called La Paz County landfill you can just look it up on your phone it’s kind of on the way to court site if you’re here to have work.

Done it’s your responsibility to get all of the packages out of here if you burn plastic I want to talk about that I’ve invited Ranger Sullins to come visit us I don’t know when he’s gonna come he’s the guy who wrote me to take it last year he’s cool guy you’ll like for you coming in talk to you pull guys but I don’t know when he’s coming.

So we’re gonna have a visit from a ranger at any time we want to make sure everything looks good and we’re saying look we said we were.

As making it look neat and tight I’m gonna warn you about that running man fuel in town has showers for $10 La Paz County Park has showers for $2 you guys need to know.

That information there you have it Running Man Jewell is on 11.5 south mojave road just ask your phone usually we look past a sheet out with all the resources around but I think it is 2:18 and I just say we’re part where can I get water so just ask your phone or ask me if he comes down to it there was a discount with battlemorph batteries that I couldn’t talk about on the internet because of Terms of Service so if you need to get batteries and you want to go lithium promo codes.

Shawn and Diane are gonna be here on the 12th and 13th from battleborn to answer questions that probably do an install so we’ve got that coming battle Lauren sells more than just batteries they don’t sell solar panels but they sell solar controllers and wires and things like that so you can get a discount on everything they’re giving $100.

Off on their batteries and 15% off on all their parts if you mentioned that promo code and buy a battery otherwise 10% off all part if you don’t buy the battery cooks a lot of you guys volunteered to be cooked we’re gonna separate out everybody out into build teams and then we can assign you a fill team.

And you know we’ve got people that we don’t have food necessarily so you guys give me your ideas on that but I’m thinking a cook and say hey do you guys all want pulled pork sandwiches today everybody chip in two bucks I’ll run down to the store and get the stuff for it I’ll have it ready for you the idea is that everybody can keep working we’re out here in the Sun and you know it’s just a step that can be eliminated so you don’t have to stop and make lunch try to drink a.

Lot of water we’re out here in the desert I see a lot.

Of little dogs there are very smart coyotes running the packs around here so keep an eye on your dog especially at night it’s safe I don’t want to scare you but just don’t let your dog better later okay who’s here with the sewing machine that came to be a sewing volunteer here’s what’s going on with the sewers we’ve got stores which is a new thing for the van bill but I don’t have a list of people that need sewing if you’re here and you’re just getting into the lifestyle curtains custom-made curtains are a big deal.

So think about if you could benefit from that and these stores will help get you going you supply the materials there’s a fabric store in town and.

There’s Walmart in town two ways to get fabric take advantage of this because they’re going to be gone in two weeks if you think you can do for some curtains will get I’ve come to me and I’ll put you on with one of these stores I’ve got all you stores on my list so thank you so let’s not look that resource go to waste as.

The point northern Arizona wind and Sun whoo here right then who needs a solar panel anybody needs solar panels okay where’s my German friend with the Jurgen needs a solar panel and he is willing to drive to northern Arizona wind and Sun to not pay Freight if you need a solar panel get with Jurgen and I’m gonna tell you right now what the deal is they’re selling.

300 watt panels that are 39 inches by 65 inches 65 inches it’s 5 inches longer than 5.

Feet they’re 36 bulb which means you can’t use a PWM solar controller you don’t know what that means don’t worry about it from battleborn with 10% off for about $100 those panels they’re selling for a hundred and eighty dollars approximately so Bob Wells originally set this up so I want to give him his credit you know credit to Bob Wells but if you need a solar panel get with.

Your again 300 watts of benefit on your roof and then we need to get you with that MPPT solar controller and what we want to do is give him a hundred and eighty.

Bucks to cover the solar panel and then a little bit extra for guys it’s going to cost him about a hundred bucks and gas so if we get enough people you know we just chip every gas.

And it’s still a smoking deal rarely can you get panels at about 60 cents a watt so get your stuff early because this is going to be over before you know.

It you know it’s we’ve got about till the 23rd but time flies so get with you’re in now and give your money to them now and what’s that mean or j├Ârgen you can go inspect them work for you.

Just basically all that matters it’s on your roof you know that 65 inch wide thing fits on your roof and 36 bolts are actually a.

Little bit better than 12 volts with that solar controller why is that set I totally missed I’m sorry why oh why is 24 volts better why is 36 volt panel better than a 12 volt panel yeah so they’re actually the higher the voltage the more you have to work with at a certain.

Point you will not have enough voltage to charge your batteries and MPP T’s can only boost so much.

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