Welcome to Landry Annika on YouTube helping you to break through fears and live an awesome life I want to just talk in this video about self sabotage which I have done other videos that me may have been back up two or three hundred videos ago I see a lot of people out there and I’ve done it to where.

As soon as they start to make progress they will gravitate toward the old habits that they had that actually will undo all of the.

Good things that are getting them out of the place that they really are not happy in yet they self-sabotage themselves what is that there’s a comfort level that comes with being in a familiar place that even if it’s painful there’s a comfort level with familiarity now that sounds crazy doesn’t it well it is sort of crazy but let’s say you know you are used to being broke and.
You’ve come from a family of with a broke mentality or you’ve struggled so.

Much and things just don’t work why are things not working you have to look at.

Your pattern why have you not achieved that there is something that you’re thinking believing something you’ve been told something in your psyche and your whole dense being here on this earth that is convinced you that that is.

Where you should be or what you’re connected to you feel you’re connected to it you relate to it you know what to.

Do with that and as soon as you pull out of that you don’t believe you don’t truly believe that you’re the.

Person that can be a millionaire or wealthy or have the things that you want or just go into a store and buy whatever you want without having to look at the price tag not because you’re addicted to material.
Things but just because you.

Just don’t have to worry about those things anymore so there is a self-sabotage that I’d say most people have and so you have to ask yourself what it is you want and.

What you’re doing every day to get those things to get closer to those things even if it’s clearing out your negative thinking meditating even if it’s just doing small steps to achieve those goals what is it you’re doing every day to get there you have to ask yourself that because if you’re not taking the action.

Every single day toward the life you want to live you are self sabotaging yourself a lot of you procrastinate I used to procrastinate years ago it just was.

I don’t know what it was I would just like to sort of put it off put it off and then you know then it was time to really pull the trigger and I was never prepared it was always something I was gonna do in the future sort of like so I okay here’s an example I have friends that like are waiting to live their life until they meet somebody so there are sort of like on hold until they meet somebody so their life.

Is going by and they’re not meeting anybody and they keep waiting for that person because the universe.

Is sending them exactly what they’re thinking oh I’m not gonna live.

My life until like I find that.

Person and in their head that’s a future event so it continues to be a future event and they’re not living there like they’re still waiting for that person instead of saying oh I know that person’s already in my life I’m gonna live life to.

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