Going to learn in this lesson how to deploy a wordpress site in ec2 and basically in industry there is people are taking the lots of money for just deploying websites so this is completely free and very easy to understand so there are only five step you need to understand so the first step is you have to install the.

HTTP server PHP and my circle in easy to then configuration of your database then download your WordPress site in your easy – instance then configure your WordPress site with this.

Configuration for database username DB name and your password and check your sites its it will be running so let’s try to understand how to deploy so I’m deploying here one instance here giving user data so let’s try to understand what is this user data so see the youn user data I’m installing.

The UM HTTP server so just giving the bye.

Otherwise it will not install so installing the HTTP server PHP my sickle my sickle server then starting the HTTP service then starting the my sickle service after that I am creating one DB with my sequel admin – you root creates DB name command so my DB is the name then I’m moving to the bar www a as HTML path to get the WordPress site so with this.

W gate I am downloading the WordPress site credit this is the tar file so I’m just untiring that latest or zj file then changing the name of the folder which in latest water.

Get that is the wordpress those just change the name is with a tasteful place and then moving that folder and just changing the name of that when.

The sample file is WP – config hyper simple dot PHP – WP.

– can be taught to PHP so this is very easy step and let’s deploy passing the security group for HTTP and SSH okay so now instance are deployed and let’s check the status for our it is pending so with this public IP will connect so pseudo SSH is it to use a IP.

And key okay so instance is running right now okay what the access of instance so first up let’s check the status of I should be service service httpd status okay it’s running and checking the my security service status it is also running ok so we have created.

One DB here so before that let’s check the status of over to place side.

So let’s go to the VAR w w HTML okay so here taste WordPress is there and let’s go to the dashboard and check the WP config file is there okay here there will be a config file is here okay so.

Our all prerequisites and steps are close and now just we have to configure our DB so for that is command is my sickle underscore secure installation so passing the root enable so yes.

We will configure root password here and I’m passing the password is admin ok remove the anonymous user they sell our root log in from remotely taste database remove and reload privilege whatever ok now the configuration is done for database and let’s configure the WordPress theme and config what.
PHP file will be the update ok if you here we have to.

DB name so sorry here in DB name so in DB name we have to.

Get past the my DB is our database name in user we have to pass a root and you know database password we have given the admin known to change anything else just you have to edit these three things.

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