Hi my name is Lucia and today I’m going to modify this GoPro frame so if you are familiar with my channel then you probably know that usually everything would I make is very shitty and this video might be shitty too but I’m really gonna try this time also there’s a giveaway on my channel it ends on September 29.

2018 so if you are watching this before September 29th 2018 then link is in the description there’s a strong competition already so yeah you can enter if you want but watch this video first anyway this is anti anti anti anti exposure frame for GoPro Hero 4 3 + & 3 I’ve got.

Edition because I’m not rich yet thanks for asking it’s made of polycarbonate again thanks for asking and what this does is it eliminates the flickering you get when the Sun is passing through the spinning props onto your camera lens another thing that I would like to fix today is that sometimes I want to attach life to it right but.

Well I can’t so I’m gonna attach the skull shoe mount onto it the goo is drank and I need to kill time somehow okay so it seems like it.

Might work and it also looks pretty good too I’m proud of myself thanks for asking and it wouldn’t be.

A proper England show if I didn’t test it and I think I’m ready to fill my first exploring video.

So hey guys it’s me Lucci I’m exploring this haunted basement is really scary bad things happened here murder rape drugs the monetization lots of evil and evil Israel it’s been scientifically proven by me over gasps check digit follow me on instagram at you.

Are legit link is in the description another thing that I want to tell you is that I had this Korea’s dream last night it.

Was about me having zero views zero likes and zero subscribers if we multiply this number with another 0 you will get my YouTube revenue yeah so that’s probably all I’ve got for you today please leave a like comment or subscribe if you enjoyed the video and also bring the notification belt you see trying to be a youtuber is difficult I have to.

Remember all these things I have to tell you at the end of the video also don’t forget about the giveaway link in the description and I’ll see you in the.

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