The large DSLR core unit is designed to provide protection for larger grip camera bodies video rigs and their accompanying lenses and accessories one end is deeper than the other this allows taller bodies and lenses to sit protected in the deep end while gear demanding less volume can sit in the shallow end this simple design feature maximizes space and.

Contributes to a lower and more agile backpack profile the large core unit.

Is ideal for those who want to pack a lot of gear including bigger lenses like a 300 millimeter each core unit comes with its own removable skin ideal for dust protection when stored or as a.

Packing cell for traveling in the field our DSLR large core unit is designed to fit securely inside.

The Explorer 30 40 and 60 litre backpacks and our carry-on roller Shimoda core units are the core.

Of the Shimoda camera bag system each unit is made from a compression molded evie a with a single layer wall and divider design this eliminates.

Frustrating battles with traditional velcro dividers each divider features a tapered base to allow simple catch free configurations core units are available in multiple sizes so you can adapt your camera bag to any adventure the construction function and versatility is unmatched if you’re looking for a core unit that lets you pack it all in one insert our.

Large DSLR core unit is for you you.


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