A classic trenchcoat that we have updated with the denim 2018 is it not the year of the denim this fall yeah and we got to give you stretch denim because nobody wants stiff denim right great stretches a trenchcoat it’s a denim zip front trenchcoat with the belt last day at your featured price of 94 56 you pay of.

Under $19 1891 that goes away at the end of today I do have sizes 0 through 28 available some of these sizes getting limited when you.

See yellow in the beautiful dark indigo and then we also have a gray wash for you as well tough to choose there it’s so cool first of all it’s unexpected a trenchcoat in a stretch denim but a trenchcoat is one of those perennial silhouettes whether you’re you know having a Casablanca moment I think Ingrid Bergman or you’re kind of having a bit of a sort of Audrey Hepburn.

Moment the trenchcoat never goes out of style but we’ve done this in a very fashionable fabrication in this wonderful supersoft stretch denim zips up the.

Front so a lot of women love the fact that we do a zipper instead of the buttons which can be cumbersome you’ve got the great self belt to define the waist and I want to point out how pretty the seamy is doing and we’ve given you.

Great grommet detail just got a little bit of an extra kind of fashion detail in the back I was talking earlier on the shows that got a little great coming into.

The room you got to look great going out of the room and this is.

That great unexpected fashion trench in your way I.

Like the Raglan sleeves they’re cool contemporary as well I like that the zipper is hidden by.
The placket the versatility and how you tie your belt.

Giving you a lot of shape around the waist and the price point is really good for denim $18 a 91 cents on Easy Pay it’s casual its relaxed.

In when you’re talking about your stretch denim it’s cotton with spandex so if we’ve never tried it before how would you describe your stretch denim its first of the hand is super soft to it.

But it’s the type of denim that you can actually have mobility yet so this is not like a pair Wranglers you know we’ve infused it with with a softness that that it works in a trench coat let’s see it on our girls because we have two colors for you to choose from think of how you’ll be styling.

Gray wash 0 through 28 so Ronnie is an extra-large at 5 10 at QVC so that means in your coat you’re an 18.

Ok great so the length on this is dramatic as well which I would even.

Wear this because it is so comfortable as a top with the leggings and a tall shaft boot and this could be your shirt if you wanted to be outerwear be like a little coat dress and also you know we’ve done this with princess seams so it’s it’s feminine it’s figure.
Flattering you know Burberry is a house.

That’s based on the trench coat you know such an iconic part of their DNA Halston famously did trench coats and in faux suede or real suede in so many fabrications so I think like every elegant.

Woman you have a great trench coat in your wardrobe it just it’s just one of those required pieces that are in your wardrobe at this time of the year in those sort of fall months this is so nice to wear the gorgeous.

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