Are turning a pair of boots.

Tucked in you know jeans tucked into a pair of boots this trench coat and that funnel neck sweater you know anything I mean you look.

So chic and you can take the belt out if you want you can leave it on pockets here at the side seem really flattering the length I will tell you is.

We have sizes 0 through 28 40 and a half inches to 44 and 3/4 inches so again Ronnie at 510 in the gray wash in the 18 and then we’re gonna see Thalia here in the dark indigo and she’s five two and a half and she’s wearing typically what she would be a medium you’re in the six.

Or the eight and the eight this morning okay so even such a cute book it’s not too overpowering though.

It’s not too long on her even on the shorter side so from 510 to 5-2 it works and I do want to point that you know just because you’ve.

Got a denim trench doesn’t mean you can’t wear a complementary denim jean so this is like a storm gray Jean with the with the denim trench and a little marigold essential it that it’s such a great fun fashionable look that.

You’ve got even without the belts still such shaping in the waist yeah it’s all about great seaming and until you just tied it in the back and give a little extra way shape.

I love that and see adorable and it’s adding warmth I mean I really do feel like I’m warming up in it it feels really good so just choose dark wash or dark indigo I’m sorry gray wash or.

Dark indigo easy pay goes away at the end of today if you want to get it home with any major credit card or PayPal for just $18.99 and last day at the featured price but I.

Have to let it go because I have to show you my pick of the show we’ve got a we’ve got our grand finale but up.

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