Was that easy money those easy lightwork my G Carroll making kid freakin loser oh you’re the best now let me use this a second there’s more loser you guys bad i trashed KDWPT victory like work right late works come on sleep this guy’s in trouble Oh where I see no hall monitor magic by walking in that row imagine.

I knew it I remember driving somewhere I saw the that enemy employing that time to mess with him never mind idea if he comes to you I’ll fight him.

He doesn’t come to me I’m not fighting where’s the oxy accessory can I jump or not we are turning let’s make some money ha could this game be any better you really wanna do imagine that I’m sorry no bro okay I’m gonna watch this tonight it’s one thing for really good I so much I can’t believe that potato fucking killed me guys so bad Bobby so bad.

Let’s go to sad all right this guy’s the good guy I’m pretty sure busy I can’t swim very good he still thinks he’s in that one by one we literally just stopped by a bit bad yeah it’s been so bad oh my god but it’s a easy snipe in the head right there 20 damage that was.

Not a hedgehog scarred lucky ran out of Mastro alright buddy can’t I can’t I can’t I can’t what is this.

Guy doing my god no no thank you I think beep obvious that really good guy I think keep stepping on this kid oh hey some poxy eat are you hiding in a tree you can’t looks at one guy was fighting how to have.
You shopping this definitely isn’t it to give gun Frank Frank no.

No no skin they’re not gonna see those can toast a toast no way not be chosen no ways I’m just right now when are they gonna get added another already has just like for the ten matches my.

Med kit now could you not I’m excited okay move move skirt no you should take it back again you need to do but why is everybody up.

There their challenge up there something because honestly so alone Thanks our.

What what I don’t know why mini switch up to in front of us hey let’s try and do it brother all the good plays dogs outside you know Oh well you can be someone else that’s my talking I knew Sweden on Saturday okay how you trash give me my candy back because my chicken such a mandate aids.

Like I know there’s no time okay beautiful this is something that’s worth about $50 it was the 35 stick it would be like $3,000 well you don’t based on what posted.

About the comic book it really doesn’t change these you said it was about a $50 comic book but still really your whole value there is.

For the signatures and that’s kind of one honey I really really want that holy are you guys ready pop off oh yeah four five six once I see somebody I engage I’m sorry you’re really bad to say mama see down a little.

Never said to them trash both I got it seriously I’m gonna eat it what are they gonna do one of these dad it’s both good at your school’s Merman was on my skill Daniel express yourself five sects been shot at 1500 are 13 things and she.

Said life sucks on the challah mounting this we gonn starting on figured out tilting and now I’m stuck up years about that Thanks right I swear.

I just box that kid it on what he’s got in the road he knew you lose that fight nice no yes for straight easy dubs about a clapping staff here or in my clap mean sign down – hello they mad bro behind you brother was actually I saw Japan’s well boom is so balanced in cross though wants to be a straight you.

Know I’m pretty good at this game Danny traps Merson melting news big deep on my way my opinion on this is it’s too good to be true when I take a look at the whole thing I’ve seen this before especially have seen this inscription before.

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