Potato I think he might be the teammate of the person I just knock oh my goodness sometimes I amaze myself don’t you shoot that up right Tim you’re at work oh it’s so bad everything you’re sure ain’t working right just evil on top of me I’m stuck I was thinking about landing on them but I’ve no materials maybe a little oh no they see me by I would just like to let everyone know I’m.

Still being shot cuz nothing does got it Timmy still alive oh there you are guys are so boring he had shot me they’re all on it bro if you could drop some mats I forgive me epic that’s half of all.

That I have high ground in Rockets she fell down the hole hey Trevor stand back up dude oh I’m just up again yeah I like that cool well you get to celebrate we got a win and everybody stayed alive burrito Alaska to the clamp enjoyed a 5.7 Alaska hi bud cycle donated five holding done booter he won five out of its drawn single owner of its kids I missed that you you you you you bienvenido Sancho de Polly mucho cheeky stupendo donde esta ramos cantando less distress aventuras los.

Mejores paulo tips disfruta ramos de nuestros invitados especiales Empoleon friend or impala tips you diremos a personalized are to Borah italian talk incredible super fashion paso.

No ESCO pol ahora que Tengiz para darle else okay Poli Paso dos tow muchas a Poli to nombre en el frente trata de hacer las letras grande paso trace.

A aura soma to peg amento con diamantina para escribir to nombre see gyal contorno de las letras de escribir say conscious.

Paso cuatro puedes utilize aroun color distinto para cada lettre hacer las combinations de colores como tu quieras paso Cinco de halassi car por un par de horas en un lugar son Brado Y list o la lista en materiales la encontramos que si video nos vemos en el próximo politic bye that’s funny ma’am okay.

Sub cabinets not broken man I’m choosing outside.

The show anymore a YouTube video now winning game a fortnight with one hand behind my head the room was not too okay we do not have it I do.

Not know exactly I’ll have every key bind bone to my mouse I have an MMO Mouse with a hundred buttons actually that Sam I really wish you didn’t do that oh why did let’s.

Weigh the road all right the road goes and I’m just on the way star point with you oh it sucks I’m dead Bobcats good no sweat it I am so dead it hurts why do you.

Know shotguns and so much health that’s what you get that’s what you get thank you it’s funny Trevor didn’t say a word but then he died yeah well I’m yelling at my stream this night stuff like people make mistake another one oh dear one it why don’t–why don’t want it I’m not I’m not.

There most oh good edit what’s that bandaging her head 20900 way I want to see this guy you guys really just.

Let him get the rest I can’t can’t wash it more you tilted hasn’t been good to us I don’t know I don’t know why you guys keep marking it.

I thought the marker was purple I don’t know mmmm seemed different it was a.

Ball well yeah he keeps forcing us back down there to the slot got cots play into the Halloween content day off you lucky all right well now they all oh no no no how are your area or going out got.

It alrighty alright right seven me you’ve been here before we’re gonna go we where we go yeah but he’s markers purple in the giant portal and the sky.

Is purple saw was like all we’re gonna go to.

The island super late just getting murdered there’s a lot of people here by the way a lot of people also hit ahead to the hot round Lily Lily Lily since it hasn’t been good to us I don’t know I don’t know why you guys.

Keep marking it I thought the marker was purple I don’t know Menem seemed different.

It was a ball well yeah he keeps forcing us back down there to the slot got cots play into the Halloween content day off you lucky all right well now they all oh no no no how are.

Your area or going out got it all righty all right right seven like you’ve been here before we’re gonna go we where we go yeah but he’s markers purple.

In the giant portal and the sky is purple saw was like oh we’re gonna go to the island super late just getting murdered there’s a lot of people.

Here by the way Oh a lot of people also hit ahead to the hot route Lily Lily Lily oh you found an SMG cool cool tell me let’s kill me let.

Me on my misery just kill me same please run it back run it back I had a pretty inspirational comment from my chat here that says in all caps you guys saw so just so everyone knows hmm all caps.

To all caps dude just like I’m ruining guys games and then I’m leaving alright cool I’m out J kill me just to be clear Oh.

Am i handing out candy tonight uh kids in my neighborhood already know where I live.

But I don’t think I am uh toss me mark copy copy mm-hmm Roger Roger Ryder right here hey people that just melee you as you break stuff I got a shiny.

For you or was it now pan bump up here for your white walk out if you want common well I got one down.

Here and this guy comes on this door do it come on come on both playing the same game right now if you love you did.

You see that on screen yeah yeah I don’t know if he’s one level or two levels but I want this to happen I want them to peek these stairs if I close this door shoot in that.

Golfing down oh hey bruiser stupid I’ll hit a golf ball you’ve always got a jug of the jug there is a purple star in the bottom floor of this house I wish this six-shooter was better because the animation is so cool yeah.

But I mean it’s like spinning it around you know but I think area for more than two.

Minutes at the beginning of the game good don’t wait if I got this car your nose weird anyone else else have an extra oh barn if I use mine what no fireplace I just used got a slurp up here I can’t carry it if you could.

Check mini yeah again top what do they call this grandma’s or grandpas whatever your I don’t know blue house by the clock tower but I have to go do something at the top of the clock tower yeah feel.

Like emo what do you have to do danceon’s how the clock tower yeah bit easier here bullshit mommy have a doctor can’t carry it no one up another post field and every sniper you don’t need a public lockdown is actually common who’s a grappler over here to know what oh my god where did this have you sent home from got a chug chug somebody can carry Fox our halfway up what.

Levels that have you supper around roughly I’m on it I’m on to them slow hairs Rob over here bro this was a floor loo this was a chess pawn down the x-ray I got six Mini’s up here I have a sickness there’s another big a slurp there’s just so much shield can’t even carry it.

All where’s the other big clock over here by me which is the southeast.

Side of Tilda there’s two bigs there’s one right there.

And one down here on the stairs and a slick down there if your family snack I have a chug drunk at three bigs wait a minute where’d you put them slurps and I’ll carry I’ll carry the flirt flirt upstairs have leave and it’s becoming stressful there it is for a for 30,000 points and ever that’s on the earth coming through ninj and a ride just like one guy where did this man.

Come from eat that Apple front of me are.

You not gonna close the door are you not gonna close this door are you not gonna close this door are you knocking I don’t think he’s gonna close that.

Door Tim think abut close the door yeah Rock weight shots I’m not sure in the middle and on top yeah top yeah there’s on top on top on alright bro.

Find you oh no no no no no beam from the other Island I’m doing a fly over here do it bro where are my bullets I almost hit her Travis we’re so close we’re so close we’re almost there guys.

Oh why can’t you just stack slurps sick of waiting on this stupid thing Oh what what I got a hit shot in what so much ah me one time and I there’s no way bras that Hot 100 we’re down below where’s this happening all on the pier by the factories oh yeah Shanaya so so.

Far we’ve seen he’s got a big shield with the teammate well everybody is solo actually the girl that killed.

You had a teammate but I killed her really quickly and then I got beamed from the other Island oh yeah there’s people there for sure let’s go dust again we’re at that’s my seat wait there dusty oh yeah oh my glider what just happened to me like oh hi I.

Am yeah there’s a specific spot where you can hit you can go super high you have to go like right next to one of these small islands yeah I did it to ninja get that guy for Tim I’m gonna have to disagree with you on that one I don’t think it’s worth what you say I upgraded from my purple grenade launcher to a gold one but I in the golden had no rock got him.

Once be quiet you glided away Wow seen that stalker skin later was that the one that was chasing you and I brother the whole time oh oh you see you don’t have extreme Moton no I know okay yeah you told you talking about the one from the other game is yeah I was talking with one that Trevor and I were like chasing forever.

Oh why would I yes Tim because there’s many variations of the soccer skins that’s why it’s so mean oh man II gonna remain over here well that’s good cuz they’re only a tree people remaining let’s go baby Wow oh what a dude what is going on guys yeah you’re not wrong George sleep with the five butter bits they’re gonna be like Tilton chill.

Yo M Gallagher I’m gonna you know right now do you everyone that I play lately they’re the constantly you’re just saying you know like the paranoid Buster Cyrus I rarely call it don’t get it twisted please Finch kind of present here Larry do it drop it on me.

Dude do it I left it yeah I see them then took so long to get to me I just watched it.

The whole way I was terrifying with a 75 across the mountain across the river 67th on the other mountain across the river on yeah close your mouth one has a heavy snipe and he’s pretty good they.

May have a campfire I can only find again later on you Tim oh how do you what is this glitch where now I have no crit spot it takes forever to farm stuff how do I fix this that’s happened to me.

Too I’m not black out and I think it’s perfect DJ.

Fred even six months sub said I just got a notification that ninja just won live as well yeah well you know.

What dude you’re about five hours and 11 minutes and 47 seconds late roughly roughly roughly give or take we’ll help here you’re a second little help here hey we go bro is that him oh god oh my god oh my god we go dive oh the metal one by the.

Metal box well he’s coming up a rave he’s coming behind his Tim coming up frosting oh he just jumped off darn it what are you ready go flying down below here we go nose go bop don’t forgot shot see that reddit hit.

Spacebar see I’m gonna flip myself you and snipe him in the face never you in front of them ready that was so close pretty I see him I see him vomit got it now.

Here we go oh oh bienvenidos a HyperX tribe Elvia they have a mimosa platicas kanji doll whoever professional.

Of Legends for Rainbow seven numenera DL to Soraka that’s pretty me tomatoes the name del Castillo conocido como geol Oh Elka ps1 top laner in.

Rainbow seven League of Legends s algo de Familia ya que su hermano Rodrigo JT s internal Oh tambien a participate oka Mona listed a League of Legends Darrell Kinetico nosotros NOS fogger kop nacelle mundial the league of legends as human real super.

Block oh oh yeah oh yeah Tolosa guipúzcoa no sanity now again.

Nunca he visto Naropa super carpenter lost animal Chewie he was kept for muy bien con huevos seven cual es el título del equipo rajma preguntan Pocoyo that a special Halloween sierra.

Porque own imperio a transition he’s going to.

Cure a mosquito who are in lollies American Pharoah is it a my lifestyle or is he poisoned to come here the vemos como una lista en el último Tornillo como tobacco Nessa Ramirez he okay Rio Tyson beat army here mental opossum again he to Vienna for infinity Christie lagrasta Alan Alda to a topic um koala professional it’s August weapons enough something hit right here of.

Competitor named Diana polar opposite front ofme to Keiko gnosis be NSA mundo estas muy meta doe explica nose que significa laughs you see own entre la salon porque tenemos algunas cosas Sparrow kyun mejor que tu caused by mala lanna fuckin.

Talia Ellis in Chile orthophoto hippos tsunamis Clara Solomon Toto cheapest and third in America East Oahu are and chillin a party to kapinas al respecto te parece bien gusto attention yes – Thomas como cuando Mexico seeming.

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