What’d you just say we’ll never fight you fuck he said he’ll never buy a jewel pot again sir you’re quit no I’m not smoking my own yo welcome back to another one and today guys today today today yeah it’s like 4:30 in the morning but I have a ton energy for some reason and I’m sure it’s because today.

Is Kansas big duck opener finally finally finally finally but yeah today’s big duck opener in Kansas we’re gonna be headed out west hunting with Cameron and the boys.

From winged chaser again but Oh check out the leather.

Ducks hat oh my goodness it’s our first leather patch hat that we.

Have here at duck’s check it out bad to the bone this hats very limited quantity and it’s only available for 48 hours so I’ll link it down below go pick it up if you want it 48 hours and she gonna be gone so go pick it up while it’s available but like I said there’s gonna be eight.

Of us today we’re heading out west with Cameron big duck opener and he has one heck of a field it’s a I guess it’s like a windmill pond and it’s just overly flooded everything here is just.

Flooded to the brim the rivers been overflowing all week we had like 10 inches of rain or.

Something crazy like that not even lying not even exaggerating so we’ve had a major push of birds come down especially out west this cold weathers just drove down at Thomas pecks a ton of geese in general which they’re not open but the Ducks came with them I mean out west.

They are just loaded up to the brim so the early zone is the only zone open right now I am in the late zone so that means we have an hour and 15 minute drive so that’s what we’re gonna do.

Today we’re gonna get on the road enough talking let’s get trucking boys oh I love early early mornings the cashier in the Kwik shop right there she goes have.

A good night and I’m like a minute it’s 4:30 what do.

You mean have a good night yeah it’s uh I forget how early us duck hunters have to get up all the time it’s uh it would hurt a lot of people it would just hurt him but that’s why we love it we get up early we drink our coffee we shoot green heads I.
Hope we get them to the green ones today I know we will get.

Into the widget there’s a ton of widget out here so your boy is excited you know how I love my.
Widget here’s the boys looks.

Like there’s four trucks so should be a good one camera and I’m telling you.

He’s the one that owns wing chasers Outfitters here in central Kansas and I’m telling you what him and his crew they drive their yang yang’s off and they get on the bird so I never mind driving out here with Cameron he always impresses me they always her on the birds they do one heck of a job so shout out the Cameron Dalton you guys are awesome thank you for the invite again like always thank.

You oh so now I drove a little over an hour it’s 39 degrees out still which is awesome awesome temperature love and loving the cold 541 in the morning we have what an hour.

And about 30 minutes until shooting line so we have one heck of a spread to set out thank goodness we got eight guys.

Oh boy oh well how was one heck of a hole all the guys got literally everything out.

Here in one hole 300 yards to a frames you tired you ready to die got the Oh.

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