A frames built putting them in place here we’re gonna run to a frames eight of us should be pretty comfy not too bad oh yeah look at that she go well we busted a few skulls because.

We uh we got a reaction off the get-go by blowing the ole goose calls we don’t have a goose decoy out one but it helps oh one got away that it going down there we go he’s down whole group with that’s what I’m talking about boys yeah heck yeah always says that water’s.

Cold dad dang yep greenie hello old Green Wing special Oh so there you go check it out nothing but full-body ducks out in mojos and you didn’t blow a duck call one did you though and it worked there you go give him some confidence that’s what you do Cameron just smoked a hen wedgie look at that.

What a beaut just blind it up the back of the blind here trying to TP it a little bit keep us hidden better so well it’s been a little slow start here there’s so much water in the field just making it really hard to.

Pull the Ducks down right where you want them literally every field out here it’s just literally flooded every single field we got like I said probably 10 inches of rain so that’s what we’re dealing.

With is just we normally don’t have water now we have too much water so should be getting better here as the morning goes on get some Sun on the on these wings of these Maggio’s so oh he went down dropped one out of a toothpick barely got camera up in time hey how’d you see them.

Coming I didn’t know oh yeah he’s coming back hurry up load up boys load up here he comes over here boys oh man how’s it going down oh come on a little slow you.

Got a little bit of Sun hopefully they do that they do that we’re gonna.

Be golden look at them proud of that duck working.

Hard he’s got to go down man then burst worked hard they were hard.

Work in it’s hard to get them down today they want to stay high switch enough to spread a little bit the Ducks they’re working hi they’re not wanting to sit their wings and completely commit there they’re.

Committing a little bit dropping 10 20 yards staying at about 40 50 yards high and they’re just not sitting their wings completely and committing the they’ve been flying light here they’ve been scouting them out here and yesterday they flew out like 8:30 8:45 right now it’s a hair after 9:00 so it’s yeah it’s not looking too great but I know if they come at this point the sun’s coming out so these mojo wings are gonna start bat.

And we’re gonna start drawing a lot more attention from the Ducks so the Sun should should help a lot we got about an hour.

Left until you know you just basically got to call it so crazy dog crazy dog I’m just over here ripping up the ground like a crazy dog crazy dog you crazy man it’s literally a single-file line to get in here you gotta go in the same way you came out Cameron decided he pulled two mojos out leave about three up always gotta try something new if it ain’t working try something new when tryin he lands it oh he did well he loved it but he.

Oh yeah that’s gonna there we got a chase going on here oh just oh like a machine yep oh he dove on him he doe Vaughn him no there he is get him doe bottom up doe Vaughn them again Hado Vanya again drink where’s Ian always oh there he goes dov’รจ ghin that poor dog don’t know what the heck’s going on where’d he go always.

Behind there goes oh man Oh good-looking where – Wow good-looking wizard that is.

One goodness Oh Oh doggie Wow let me see her t-bird we’ll put it in the freezer oh you got a someone have oh this is the hard part of the whole day so we have to carry everything from here oh go away over there it’s.

Actually not that bad of a walk but when you’re carrying to a frames and all these full-body decoys they get heavy fast oh my goodness yeah.

We have ten dozen full bodies to carry out – a frames five Mojo’s all the chairs for the a-frame so yeah that got the old cardio in for the next month let me tell you.

What but again check out the leather patch hat it’s gonna be available for 48 hours only two days so if you want it you need to go down in.

The description below and you need to pick it up big shout out to Cameron Dalton from winged chaser outfitter you if you haven’t yeah you need to give them a follow right here on Instagram they guide here in Kansas so if you’re looking for a duck hunt here in central Kansas get ahold of Cameron or Dalton at wing chasers on Instagram but they had like I don’t.

Know probably eight hundred ducks on here yesterday and they found him in the.

Evening neither here are their that’s.

Not what it’s about it’s not about banging out limits yeah it’s always fun and Ingram makes for great video but you guys know that I’m always out here for the hunt embracing the hunt whether it’s good or bad so if you guys enjoy that and you appreciate it drop me a big old thumbs up I will tell you something here though oh yeah I love the old topper let me tell.

You what everything I need back here locked away and it’s safe I love this thing I love this topper it was.

The best investment I’ve ever had thank you guys for putting that comment down below saying Bob scratch the enclose trailer you need to.

Get you a topper I appreciate it but if you guys have any questions concerning this hunt drop them down below if you guys like these duck hunts you guys already know I’m gonna be having them coming all season long so if you haven’t subscribed you really need to do that and if you haven’t hit that little notification bell right there what it does it notifies you when I upload I know this wasn’t just a bang amount huh I think we.

Shot eight total but I tried to give you guys some good tips along the way so if you appreciate that remember give your boy a big ol thumbs up I appreciate you guys watching we’ll.

See you back on the next one guys have a good season good luck to you guys I hope you’re all out there banging.

Them out on opening weekend here it’s lovely we finally got the sunshine haven’t had sunshine in about a week and we finally got the cool weather thank you guys for watching y’all will see it on the.

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