Then one of your leaders we are so glad you are here today is November 9th 2018 congratulations to all students and staff who took part in leadership day yesterday it was a huge success and we are very proud of the work you put into um into all into it and how you displayed what great real leaders you are.

Don’t forget to dress for the weather as long and it is 20 degrees or higher students will be going outside all boys and.

Girls scouts who will be part of Veterans Day assembly please come down to the lobby after announcements.

Today for lunch we will be having person purt purt Purcell Lacey cheese pizza and blueberry crisp as well as the fruit first as well as the fruit and vegetable bar don’t forget we serve breakfast.

Daily tomorrow is our Veterans Day assembly I mean today is our Veterans Day assembly guests will be allowed to enter the building at 12:15 please park in the front parking lot.

Near the woods the assembly will start at 2:30 we look forward to honoring our veterans next Tuesday night there there will be a PTO meeting at 6 o’clock that will be featured the 5th grade’s 5th grade and we will be we will plan for.

The upcoming holiday family night on November 28th next Friday we will have a community brunch with it with it put.

On by our students lighthouse team we look forward to sharing our leadership skills and community guests Winfred elementary mission statement we have loyal pride I persevere I shall his bet I have integrity I’m dependable I know I believe everyone matters happy seventh sharpness all balance feels best I take care of my body by eating right exercising and.

Getting sleep I learn in lots of ways and lots of places not just at school I spend time with family and friends I take time to find meaningful ways to help people I help i balanced all four parts of my myself body mind heart and soul there are no further announcements just please stand for the pledge have a great day Royal beers.

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