Hey what’s up Patriots this is dr.
Turner and happy Friday hopefully you’re able to see this and so you can hear what I have to say it got a couple of things I just want to share I’m gonna get into the student of the month and the Patriot Excel Award winners but first I just like to say that.

As we get into the second quarter if you after looking at your first quarter grades if you believe that you could have done better or you’re.

Not pleased with your grades then I want you to take charge of that okay I want you to make sure that you’re doing your homework that you’re studying for tests if you.

Need help please please I beg you ask your teachers for help and and definitely use patriot period that’s an opportunity for you to get some help during the school day which keeps you from having to figure out a way to come to school early when maybe that’s not possible for you or.

Staying after school when even that might not be possible.

For you please do that our goal here as adults is to help every child become excellent every child here is wonderful you have the ability to do whatever you want and and just because you don’t do well or do as well as you want to doesn’t mean that you can’t do better and that’s what we’re here for that’s what the adults are here for and.

I I beg you to to please use Patriot period when you need to if you are drafted by a teacher because of a.

Low grade or the need to prep for one or more Sol tests don’t run from that challenge don’t don’t do that but make sure that you fulfill the.

Obligation because it’s not for the teacher the teacher the the teacher has already gone through high school every one of your teachers they’re there they’re not high school students this this this time is for you this is your high school experience and and as your principal as the person who serves as your parent when you hear I’m totally responsible for you I want what’s best for you and that’s why we have Patriot period in place is for you to take advantage of an.

Opportunity to do and become the student that you want to become okay student at a month is Miss Emma Abraham and the Patriot Excel Award goes to miss Kimberly Brody ladies after you hear this and after the class is over with please come down to the office and pick up.

Your award very proud of you to the rest of the students and faculty please have a wonderful Friday and an outstanding weekend and I’ll see you back here on Monday this team will be the best in the world you can beat the teachers and students will win forever I changed obviously there you go you practice I know.
We gonna win you don’t want to miss.

This upcoming game the kids are really talking it up I think they’re gonna take it.

Year they’re up for this game don’t miss it good morning Patriots I’m ed class and today is Friday November 9th and here are your morning announcements attention.

All girls this year’s powderpuff game will be held on Thursday November 29th from 6:30 to 8:30 on the HS football field permission forms.

Can be found at the SDA window and the cafeteria sign ups will be held at lunch on the 15 and our first-come first-served Thursday the 15th come to the drama club in the drama room room 41 during a lunch for stage combat an acting workshop the HHS will be hosting its fifth annual College Week next week November 12 to 16 on Wednesday during lunch there will be a resource fair on the breezeway with information about avid peer.

Tutoring PVCC the SAT is a CT prep Upward Bound and the military on Thursday night AHS will be a hosting a historically black college and university fair at 6 p. whereas it will be information sessions and a college walk we will also be hosting a financial aid night from 7 to 8 p. with a financial aid Q&A and financial aid representatives will be help on hand to help seniors complete their FAFSA lastly on Tuesday Thursday and Friday 16.

Colleges will be on hand for on-site admissions for seniors last year 91 seniors were accepted on-site admissions in over 1.6 million dollars in scholarships were awarded this year we have 16 colleges attending so seniors make sure you sign up and to find out right away if.

You are accepted to a college signups for the and on site emissions are on the main AHS website and in sports news today at the beginning of lunch there would be a meeting for all girls interested in playing girls lacrosse in coach Mick Helen E’s room 126 the meeting will start at 11:48 and last no longer than.

Five minutes if you can come please email there would be a crew interest meeting on November 19 in room 113 during patriot period for all students so interested in rowing this spring information about the spring season racing schedule and winter training will be discussed see coach Kaufman if you cannot attend that’s all for now have a great day.

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