Good morning this is Vanessa I’m Ryan and my name is Kate today is Friday November night we hope you are having a terrific three-day weekend did you know that on this day in 1965 really Mays was an old baseball MVP craze that step statistics include 3283 ins 616 home runs batting average of point 302 as of May 2017.

Only four other players in baseball history had hit more home runs and Mays at 23:10 bronze statue of Mays is outside a new new major league ballpark in San Francisco he also received the Presidential Medal of Freedom back from President.

Barack Obama they served from a pledge of allegiance fun with a moment of silence I pledge allegiance.

To the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all you today’s launch options are on crispy chicken on the bone fish notice with just a cheese bread sticks and real cheese sandwiches remember to empty.

Your milk carton in the cafeteria and place in the most likely place but the shadows go to Joshua Gomez is he neeo Gomez Ainsley Harris and Jackson Santiago we can.

Birthday shout outs go to thirsty Sandburg Jersey Rosie go in Mattel’s Salazar happy birthday yesterday was there back Thursday.
Take another look at this picture and see if you.

Can identify the snack you this top picture is this Scott don’t thanks for the throwback picture we only have one more throwback to picture these centers are staffed throwback picture for our Thursday a.

Segment didn’t a real them to miss moment today we have Friday funny dude this joke was submitted by Ashley and miss Sanders class what did the calculator say to the book I don’t know why you can always count on me thanks for submitting your joke on our Friday segment how about terrific three-day weekend everyone that’s right there will be no school on.

Monday as we recognize Veterans Day we will see you back here on Tuesday this were listening Westgate’s made the most.

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