Hi Oh welcome back to my channel of an everyday life of an SB if you landed on my page for the very first time I welcome you all basically and I’m SB which I share my everyday journey with this purchase ascend your own OCD and alike along with basically doing some mental health awareness serious business also just everyday.

Topics of everyday situations that we may come and face and struggle with with some tips and advice is just some pills of wisdom based on my training them life experiences all on the way so no further dude guys basically what.

I’m hoping to talk about today as you can see from the title of this one it’s going to be Isis and German and relationships helpful SPG’s which basically a meaning of you may be questioning or wanting to me to do the video based on this even though I may have done a few of the relationship series versus the dating series with people with Asperger’s syndrome especially my.

Life story about it so far the piece that even know basically with all this entire off the tips and advice that I’m.

Going to share with you all today basically hopefully we can learn and educate from one another something you from me while having this purchased a syndrome especially as well as I understand you more your bf or GF.

That may have this as well as a whole not just you know typically with the condition of his bitchesss syndrome as you know that I’m just going to say or gonna go with the flow with the person I’m currently with it’s a sheep before basically I’m worth you.

Know I’m not sure it’s safe to say you know what our status quo is at the moment if I’m Dave or not Spacek clay with this particular something that I’ve seen basically breathily to who he is right you guys may know them basically but at least for now like I.

Keep trying to learn but get a keep this some of my supplies relationship quo or whatever it may be private or not to.

Say as much in the hope of that you’ll understand my reasonings behind it even if you want to know my deepest secrets and fears this is whatever it is but there’s.

Some things that I’m learning now that hopefully while I’m addressing to you all this that we need.

One another I’ve had a few relationships at my time and what about it as a shared basically some.

Of them has been short term some of them has been long true the question people may be thinking what is asking of us is it difficult to have a relationship or be dating someone with especially syndrome this is a tough one because many of people that.

I’ve been talking to certain pages right now be it whatever it may be basically that’s you know have different answers to this based on their own life experiences dating or in a relationship or been on and off dating or whatever it may be you know but.

To be honest and frank with you all yes it can be challenging for many of us on that spectrum but then again you know for me include from what I feel and see and face it can’t work like any other relationship what.

The neurotypical versus you know no typical just people without these conditions and I’m sharing but in a relationship with someone who has is the chest ascender I’m a basic clay to me it can be stressful so number one sometimes when we communicate as such you know it’s for me sometimes but not all the time but I get do get misunderstood or miss you know.

Heard or even misinterpreted of those three M’s that I mentioned briefly above people with this bitchesss syndrome to what I’m.

Trying to say and so how what I say it is you know and I have to either try to.

Repeat what I’m saying or we have to rephrase it even though like I said many times before I have.

To engage my brain before my mouth or vice versa go to my mouth before the brain I do sometimes.
Often have a communication delay or a communication.

Breakdown depending on the situations be it whatever it may be I do we have my mount down stages as.

I seen so many times full of what I go through in my life regardless what comes at me you know and sometimes that would that entail that nobody in many people tend.

To just look at me and – – you know and go from here on and thinking you know this is not always the case of what have you.

But leaning in you know this is just me how I go about it you know on this um I come I’m starting to communicate as I say so many times before a lot more bitter than I had long however even though sometimes I.

Try to make sure regardless on my mind racing before my mouth or mouth and gauging before my brain however and how what I say basicly I do basically share what’s bothering me basic clay or interest me either I like to painting on my.

Mousse however even though sometimes nobody again despite the bouts of other mental.

Health conditions I’ve suffering from sometimes I’m trying to know as I seem so many times before staying down and actually make a stand – what I’m.

Against in them or not especially – it just to a degree that’s if something doesn’t sit right for me I feel I need to basically just today it and but then again you know I feel like it’s just.

Keeps throwing back at me and a fourth.

Southern force basically and I have to fit into their model or yeah you know expectations what have you I feel especially when I’ve been in my past relationships regardless that I know for fact that you know everyone’s different I know how they you know go about things but it doesn’t mean to say that regardless what’s you know children see.

In the adults how they treat their moms or dads or vice versa you know husband wife what have you doesn’t.

Mean that the kid should follow so they should be able to know what’s right what’s wrong what’s what’s appropriate not appropriate to a degree okay it can also be difficult for the other person who’s heard an MT if I was dating one or has that empty once it.

What I mean by MTF you have them fooling me for a long period of time what I mean there is sure is good would neurotypical that you’re fully concentrating what’s going on because you’re worried that it’s going to go wrong but then you have no clue order to what they may be saying.

It can be difficult to ask the questions or try to talk face to face while trying to process every information that has been said and given to you okay sometimes basically wouldn’t that happens also we need to be looking at the person.

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