Hey guys welcome back to the nasty world I’ve been getting loads and loads of comments from you guys asking about a video for relationships and Asperger syndrome so today guys we’re gonna be doing a video on relationships and Asperger’s syndrome no I am currently in a long-term relationship I haven’t really have any like short relationships or promiscuous relationships.

So basically people I guess ask me questions all the time on is it difficult being less super Hospital syndrome well I don’t know because I’m not in a relationship somebody with Asperger’s syndrome I have the condition and my.

Partner is the person who has to live with the person cause my conditions so I guess they will be the best person to talk to but on the other side though I do know that she has answered a lot of questions for people via Twitter and Facebook for me in regards to this question okay so basically in a relationship with someone with Asperger syndrome I guess is very stressful I think the main issue for us is that no we will say something but I don’t understand what she’s saying well this is kind of really difficult.

Because she’ll repeat something and she’ll say it quite a few times and especially if it’s an argumentative situation if she’s talking to me about.

Something I’ve really concerned about and I’m trying my best to kind understand what you’re saying but I can’t really understand it and I it doesn’t absorb so it does become very frustrating because she doesn’t understand that it’s difficult because for anybody watching who is on the.

Other side who thousand gasps quitter syndrome but who probably newer typical.

Mindset then it’s difficult for for them to understand what’s going on but I’ll try and explain it and it’s kind of like you’re concentrating so much on what’s going on because you’re so worried.

That it’s gonna go wrong that you have no idea what they’re saying it takes a lot for me to listen to somebody I was into some instruction or listen to a question of something because in real life you know like going to.

Face to face to face difficult to kind of process that information.

When I’m actually looking at somebody trying my best to pose what they’re saying I’m like concentrating so much and how to look straight at this person I’m looking in their eyes make sure and enorm I did wear a facial expression all these things come into it and on top of that I’m trying to.
Focus my hardest on understanding what the saying.

But it doesn’t always work so that is one of the main issues another issue is that my mouth bones are quite bad well found on every if you don’t want awesome love bunnies you can click the link above and you’ll see my video on autism meltdowns and I could have picked my hands go up and they pull a hair out and I have been lots of punch things.
Like walls and objects and things like I don’t.

Things you know something like I’m actually want to do but they do happen in are broken bones and things and it must be very distressing for my partner to see because you don’t to see your partner go through that I think what that is kind of.
Very difficult well so they don’t.

Understand the difficulty but if I were to see it it’s kind of like I’m coughing or I’m sneezing or I’ve got like anybody to touch me I don’t like people touching mister so it gets very difficult when when the family laughs I love my partner’s.

Trying to like hammock down are trying touch me instead doesn’t know goes don’t touch similarly if they’re having a meltdown or other perineum that not is an episode just just leave them to learn cooled down because the worst thing you can do is attach them because it’s not a good thing I kind of.

Clean why but it just isn’t and so that goes.

Against the safety of things like sneezing and coughing and things like that I find it quite distressing its overwhelmed in there because it’s essentially overload and it stops my train of thoughts but something about its involuntary and I don’t no one’s going to come to like hiccups and and sneezing instead to get these these things but really annoying me I’m not saying pop things.

That like annoy me on a daily basis like lights and sounds and I’m affected by work but I’ll do another video and all those kind of things another time but obviously I might sound Snooki or I might sound grumpy or.

Moody and then my partner would be like any why you can’t be a moody oh my god.

I’m not grumpy we do with you and then they don’t understand how you can be kind of I didn’t get to do happy woman it and then I are instantly sad or absently upset but then you go back to normal very quickly it’s just something that happens my advice would.

Just be to take it out and just see what happened just let them come back to normality and the other thing is what they’re arguing I can just like say okay guys it’s not where we argued I understand the situation and then they go looking cool and I’m kind of cool just happy leaving it that’s cool but I just go okay that’s everything but with.

Naomi she finds it very hard to kind of just go oh my goodness we know we had this huge massive argument and now all of a sudden you’re just cool with everything yeah it’s not something like again a neurotypical person will probably find very odd that sawdust builders are awesome who go.

Back from being completely kind of character to just being really tell about Mandela for again it’s just something that happens living with somebody on the offices of structure I guess one of the main things that Naomi wanted to do when.

We go into this house is that I don’t have a place where I could go and lock myself away so I have my own time and this is advice I give out a.

Lot of time because people ask me I just it away I like to.

Speak from experience I’d like to have some space for people all the time because it’s nice having a partner and yes you love them national spare time them but it’s also nice to have this different because being alone really coupling.

Or wax doing my own things off your laptop being on my own that’s optional finally I mean just being on my own with my interests.

You know like research UFO research or watching documentaries and things like that really helps me relax and get my head in.

Them go make sure may be suggested see.

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