Hello everybody my name is Mark Hutton and in this video I want to talk about the program entitled living with an Asperger’s partner which is a downloadable ebook along with audio instruction designed to help couples who are experiencing relationship difficulties related to Asperger’s also known as high-functioning autism research reveals that the divorce rate for people with Asperger’s is.

Around 80% why so high well the answer may be found in how the symptoms of.

Asperger’s affect intimate relationships people with Asperger’s often.

Find it difficult to understand others and express themselves they may seem to lose interest in other people over time they may appear aloof and are often mistaken as self-centered.

Vain individuals but these are unfair labels because people with Asperger’s find it very difficult to understand other people’s emotional states and they are usually shocked upset and even remorseful when told their actions were hurtful or inappropriate imagine a movie that begins with the following scene a woman enters a bedroom walks around in it opens a few drawers and then leaves now.

Most people couldn’t witness the scene without thinking about the woman’s behavior for example maybe she was looking for something she thought was in the bedroom or maybe she heard something in the bedroom and wanted to find out what made the noise or maybe we might imagine she had intended to go into the kitchen and forget where she was going.

All these explanations are based on our inferences about the woman’s mental state what we were attempting to do in essence is read her mind most of us engaged in such mind-reading all the time without it we would be mind blind in other words we would be unaware of other people’s mental existence of the.
Existence of thoughts emotions.

Intentions knowledge and memories we would be unable to make sense of the actions of others which is.

A terrible dilemma for people on the autism spectrum unfortunately mind blindness is not a piece of science fiction for people with Asperger’s this phenomenon is all.

A successful romantic relationship can be difficult for anybody consider all the breakups self-help books available the movies / train cheating on a wife or husband constant fighting and dramatic.

Breakups and your own relationship history do you think these difficulties increase or decrease for someone with Asperger’s well let’s just say that for people who have this condition it’s not easy to have a.

Relationship while trying to function normally in the world living with Asperger’s is harder.

On the sufferers as they tackle their perfectionism and obsessive behavior but it can also be a struggle for the people who are close to them living with the symptoms associated with the.

Asperger’s condition can be emotionally draining on the sufferer and his or her partner a person with Asperger’s may find empathy of foreign emotion causing the other partner to feel isolated and alone.

For example a woman in love with a man on the autism spectrum may interpret.

His difficulties with communication and socialization as a lack of interest in the relationship he may vacillate between being gentle and caring.

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