Hello my name is Lee knows I am apparently newly washed and therefore my hair is going to fall apart during this video I have a limited time frame to talk about stuff so let’s get going um although I guess you can tell because my hair looks like it is normally but I don’t have hairspray in this time whatever.

This morning my girlfriend left for SF I which is Swedish for immigrants because living in Sweden and she told me to make a video and I am apparently whipped so I’m making a.

Video and i was like i have several several lots and lots of things to talk about ok ok ignore my hair ok I have lots of things to talk about however I’m not going to talk about any of those things right now I don’t really I don’t really feel like making a serious video you know but I still kind of want to upload something you I’m going to make a video that I’m going to title diaries of an aspie or.

That reminds me of the title of the diaries of a Geisha I know I have no follow-up to that this they’re sexy oaks in there I can do but.

I’m not gonna do those because that would be long now I would yeah I just want to make a video I’m just gonna make a video and you guys if you don’t want to listen to me talk this has no point you don’t have to listen to it ok so first of all what’s happening in my life right now well first of all.
It’s snowing and i live in sweden i leave.

Very high up in well okay not very high up in case you don’t know above that like the bottom half of Sweden is where.

Everything is and in the top half of Sweden is basically as mountains and snow it’s like not much up there and I live somewhere in the middle I used to live even higher up but we move down here recently and normally we get like half a meter of snow where are you slip and here we just now got snow and it’s like December and is way late and I don’t know if that’s normal for here or not because.

I like snow and I don’t want it to be non snowy in a winter I want a white Christmas right so it started snowing and it also started being like hurricane weather apparently somewhere in well.

In Europe I unlike America if I hurricane hits it doesn’t just hit an area because Europe is kind of small compared to America so if a hurricane hits it can hit all of Europe anyway okay I don’t know if it was a hurricane either way there was like bad.

Weather and it was so windy that the Christmas tree that they put up outside of our condo didn’t blow down when it’s like tilting now it’s a sad Christmas tree and I I haven’t been outside since it snowed a couple of days ago which is why I force myself to put our clothes and stuff here’s the thing i don’t have a yob right.

Now and I want to work as a chef I’m a trained chef I like cheffing but you know your song grown trees unless you’re lumberjack lumberjack and I have to get whatever y’all by can get you know cat Serena’s looking for jobs even though she doesn’t even speak the language of the country she’s in and sure she hasn’t found one but I mean she might and it.

Makes me feel bad that I don’t have a all because I’m Swedish I should have a yob in Sweden you know supporter and stuff right now I’m just making money based on the fact that I have Asperger’s and I have a disability.

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