Remember college? Yeah, those were the times. If you’re still in college, make the best of your years. College is a time for experimenting, having fun, studying hard eCampus: Easily Rent or Buy Affordable Textbooks, And Sell Them Back Read More , and seeing the world. You also get to meet a lot of different people. Weird people as well.

Apparently, there are sixteen different types of people to be found in colleges. Personally, I’d say the list is pretty accurate — I’ve seen several of these people in my college years. Have you?

Oh, and if the image doesn’t do it for you, here’s a video version made with Powtoon (which we covered PowToon Makes It Easy To Create Animated Videos And Slideshows Have you ever thought about what would happen if it became drastically cheaper, quicker and easier to produce awesome cartoons? I have. And then I discovered PowToon, and their brand new presentation service, #Slides. Read More ):

16 Types Of Students You'll Meet In College meet in college

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