Ancient Whales Gave Birth On Land

More than 47 million years ago, a whale was about to give birth to her young … on land. That's according to skeletal remains of a pregnant cetacean whose fetus

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How Sex Organs Get Their Start

If you turn over a mouse and a snake to look for their sex organs, you'd likely gain an appreciation for the diversity of genitalia in the animal world. Down

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Can Snakes Smell Anything?

Most snakes have an excellent sense of smell, in part to make up for their poor eyesight and limited hearing. Snakes do their best sniffing, not with their conventional nose

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Mammals 'Got Milk' For Past 160 Million Years

Moms today are strongly encouraged to nurse their babies. Mother's milk is more nourishing than formula and provides infants with some immune protection. This makes intuitive sense. Mammals and milk

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